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The Open – 50 Golf Quiz Questions

50 quiz questions and answers on The Open. (AKA The British Open in golf)

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These questions vary in difficulty from “easy” to “advanced-level”!

I’ve split the 50 questions into 10 sections at a time for easy scrolling.

Good luck.

The Open – Quiz Questions. (1 – 10)

  1. Which left-handed American golfer won The Open in 2023 at Royal Liverpool?
  2. Which seaside town in Fife hosted The Open in 2010?
  3. Which American professional golfer holds the record of being the oldest winner of The Open. Achieving this by winning in 2013 at the age of 43?
  4. Which Swedish golfer won The Open in 2016?
  5. What is the traditional prize for winning The Open?
  6. In which month is The Open typically played?
  7. Of the 4 majors in golf, which order in the calendar year is The Open? 1, 2, 3 or 4
  8. Which of these towns was supposed to host the 2020 Open, which was cancelled due to the Covid pandemic? Sandwich | St Andrews | Troon
  9. Which American golfer, who later in 2023 captained the American Ryder Cup team, won The Open in 2015?
  10. Who holds the record for the lowest 72-hole score in The Open’s history? (clue: 264 in 2016)

ANSWERS (1 – 10) The Open Quiz

The Open – Quiz Questions. (11 – 20)

  1. Which town played host to the very first Open Championship in 1860?
  2. Who was the first golfer to win The Open in the 21st century?
  3. The Claret Jug has twice appeared on commemorative £5 Scottish banknotes with who pictured holding it?
  4. Which “JS” golfer won The Open in 2017?
  5. Harry Vardon holds the record for winning The Open how many times?
  6. Which TV network currently holds the broadcasting rights for The Open in the UK?
  7. In which decade did Tiger Woods last win The Open?
  8. How many players typically make the cut in The Open?
  9. Lee Westwood has won The Open how many times?
  10. Which Northern Irish golfer won The Open in 2011?

ANSWERS (11 – 20) The Open Quiz

The Open – Quiz Questions. (21 – 30)

  1. Three towns in Ayrshire have held The open, name all 3?
  2. Which famous TV commentator once said “”It’s like turning up to hear Pavarotti sing and finding out he has laryngitis.”?
  3. In 1977, which two players went head-to-head in what became known as “Duel in the Sun”?
  4. What caused a delay during The Open in 2015?
  5. Who won The Open in 2020?
  6. Which Italian golfer won The Open at Carnoustie in 2018?
  7. Who won at Troon in 1997?
  8. What is the par for the Old Course at St Andrews?
  9. Which Northern Irish golfer won The Open in 2014?
  10. Which American golfer is the youngest winner of The Open in the last 15 years?

ANSWERS (21 – 30) The Open Quiz

The Open – Quiz Questions. (31 – 40)

  1. The “Road Hole” is a famous hole at which course?
  2. Who is the most recent winner of The Open that was neither American or European?
  3. Within which Northern Irish County is Royal Portrush?
  4. What is the name of the famous hole 16 at Royal Portrush?
  5. Which BJ was the last amateur to win The Open?
  6. Which SC won The Open in 2009?
  7. The winner of The Open in 2023 lifted what (US dollar equivalent) share of the prize fund? $1m | $2m | $3m
  8. What type of cow shares it’s name with a council area that is home to Carnoustie Golf Links?
  9. Which Irish golfer won back-to-back Opens in 2007 and 2008?
  10. Which MW is a Scottish golfer who had a notable top 10 finish in 2015?

ANSWERS (31 – 40) The Open Quiz

The Open – Quiz Questions. (41 – 50)

  1. What year did Rory McIlroy win The Open?
  2. How many times has The Open been held at Royal Portrush?
  3. Which UK broadcaster aired The Open before Sky Sports?
  4. What is the name of the second oldest golf course that hosts The Open?
  5. Which South African golfer won The Open in 2012?
  6. Which Open venue is known for the “Postage Stamp” hole?
  7. Who is the most recent Scottish winner of The Open?
  8. In 2016 which course was banned from hosting The Open after voting against female members being able to join the club?
  9. Which South African golfer won The Open in 2010?
  10. Beach House, Golf Place is the address of the headquarters of the R&A. Which town is this located?

ANSWERS (41 – 50) The Open Quiz

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