The Best Music Software For Quiz Nights

This is an easy article to write. As there is one piece of software that I am going to recommend here. PlayIt Live.

Please note that I have no affiliate or link with the publishers or developers of this software. I am recommending this software because over many years, I have tried them all, and this is the best.

I recommend using PlayIt Live.

I have been presenting quizzes for many years. I have also worked as a DJ for many years. There are a lot of quiz presenters out there who are also DJ’s. Perhaps DJing at the weekend and presenting quizzes during the week.

Do Not Use DJ Software For Quiz Nights

You’ve got enough to do. You have to present the quiz, mark the sheets, sort out the teams.

Don’t give yourself the extra work of trying to DJ your way through this.

Instead of using DJ software, use radio automation software instead.

You Wouldn’t Use A Fork To Eat Your Soup!

Use the right tool for the job at hand. Just because you may be used to using DJ software such as¬†¬†Virtual DJ or Tractor, these are not designed for presenting. Nobody cares whether you can beat match the music between rounds in a quiz. Have both programs installed. Radio automation software for quizzes and DJ software for Brenda’s 50th that you’re doing on Saturday night!.

Screenshot of Playit Live – click to enlarge




Think about it. Radio automation software is designed to auto-run and sound great while the presenter is busy. This is exactly what you need for presenting a quiz.

Pre-load the music at the beginning of the night (or in the afternoon before you even go to the venue). During playback, you can simply click the little green arrow below the tracks to tell it not to proceed with auto-play once the song has finished.

You can even assign keyboard shortcuts to resume play. I assign the Spacebar to play. So whether I have the Powerpoint window open on my display, the scoreboard spreadsheet or anything else, once I’m ready to play music, I simply hit the Spacebar.

Built In Jingle Cart Player

This software even has a Quick Carts section at the bottom. This is brilliant for background music beds, sound effects and intros. All can be customised by changing the colour of the cart buttons and supporting quick drag-and-drop if you run music rounds or TV/Film theme type rounds.

Light – Solid – Stable – Reliable

This software can be configured to a single or multiple sound cards. It’s stable, reliable and better still, the music segues (segways) are flawless.

5 Stars

So this article has turned out to be more of a review of PlayIt Live rather than comparing different options available. But if you take one piece of advice from the blog articles in this site, download and familiarise yourself with this software. Use it for quiz presenting instead of DJ software and you’ll see what I mean.

Download Link – PlayIt Live


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