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Free Branding To Use For Your Quiz

Need Some Graphics For Facebook?

These images are copyright-free. I designed these myself and are free to use.

You will of course have to edit them to either enter your own details or backgrounds.

Photoshop or Gimp

If you don’t have Photoshop, download a program called Gimp. Take the download from Ninite to ensure it is bloatware free and doesn’t contain bundled adware.

Link: Ninite – look for Imaging / Gimp

Gimp is a kind of free Photoshop substitute. (It’s actually a very good little piece of software). This will allow you to add text to these or design your own flyers and ads for social media.

Here are a few template backgrounds and logos to get you started.

If you require custom made video logos or adverts, visit and mention “” if enquiring.

Logos are png files which means they have a transparent background. Square designs are 720 x 720 which is ideal for uploading to Facebook and Instagram.


The Big Quiz

Logo with transparent background. Open then “Right-Click” – “Save As”


Quiz Night template background

Full square image, enter your own details. Open then “Right-Click” – “Save As”

quiz blank template

Full square image, enter your own details. Open then “Right-Click” – “Save As”






















The Big Quiz - free png

Transparent background. Looks great with a dark background or photo. Open then “Right-Click” – “Save As”










Quiz banner square

Blues Square. Open then “Right-Click” – “Save As”












More to follow.


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