Music Round

These music rounds can be used in a pub quiz in different formats.

All the clips feature 5 songs from 5 different decades, evenly chopped into 1 minute.

When introducing the format, be clear to state that if it is a singer, it’s the 1st letter of their 1st name and if it’s a group, we don’t index our music with the word “the”, so it’s the first letter of the group.

Format 1

Ask your quiz players to figure out the mystery 5 letter word by pulling the first letter from each artist that they hear.

This format works well if your audience age range is quite wide. They won’t get them all, but there is room for guessing the missing letters to make up the word. However sometimes the key missing letter can turn the word into the wrong answer.

Likewise, if they think it’s Kylie Minogue but the answer is actually Katy Perry, they can wrongly guess the correct answer which gets a good reaction.

With this format, we recommend playing the clip twice and maybe giving them a score of 2 if they get the correct answer.

Format 2

To run this as an actual quiz round, you could give them the 5 letter word in advance and then ask them to name all of the artists. That way, they have a clue to start with as they know each artist starts with a particular letter.

How To Use These Clips

The reason that we use YouTube to host these audio files, is that YouTube allow copyrighted content and automatically reserve the rights to display advertising within the clips, with the proceeds going directly to the owners of the copyright material.

We do not encourage you to use recording software such as Audacity or third-party YouTube MP3 download sites. Instead we encourage you to play these clips online directly from either this site or YouTube using an internet connected device during your quiz presentation.

This page will be updated regularly, the newest clip at the top – oldest at the bottom.

Pub Quiz Music Round Number 11

Answer: WORLD

1. Wham!

2. Oasis

3. Roxy Music

4. Lost Frequencies

5. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich

Pub Quiz Music Round Number 10

Answer: BLAME

1. Barry Manilow

2. Little Mix

3. Aztec Camera

4. Manfred Mann

5. Erasure

Pub Quiz Music Round Number 9

Answer: CABIN

1. Calvin Harris

2. Alison Moyet

3. Beatles

4. Idina Menzel

5. Neil Diamond

Pub Quiz Music Round Number 8

Answer: CHORD

  1. Clash
  2. Harry Styles
  3. Otis Redding
  4. Robin S
  5. Danny Wilson

Pub Quiz Music Round Number 7

Answer: DEALT

1. Dua Lipa

2. Edison Lighthouse

3. Avril Lavigne

4. Little Richard

5. Tinie Tempah

Pub Quiz Music Round Number 6

Answer: DIVER

1. Dion

2. Inner Circle

3. Verve

4. Ewan McVicar

5. Rainbow

Pub Quiz Music Round Number 5

Answer: HANDY

1. Hot Chocolate

2. Aretha Franklin

3. Nirvana

4. Doja Cat

5. Yes

Pub Quiz Music Round Number 4

Answer: PRIZE

1. Pink

2. Real Thing

3. Irene Cara

4. ZZ Top

5. Elvis Presley

Pub Quiz Music Round Number 3

Answer: OWNER

1. OMD

2. Walker Brothers

3. Nightcrawlers

4. Ellie Goulding

5. Racey

Pub Quiz Music Round Number 2

Answer: CHIMP

1. Chaka Khan

2. Harry Styles

3. Isley Brothers

4. M People

5. Petula Clark

Pub Quiz Music Round Number 1

Answer: SOUND

1. Sugababes

2. Owen Paul

3. U2

4. Nicki Minaj

5. Dean Martin