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Quiz Night

Welcome to Quiz Prep.

This is a prep site for quiz writers. If you want to just copy and paste questions and answers from the archive, “fill your boots”. However providing ideas for questions is the core objective of the site.
I am freely sharing my archive of questions and answers to provide a resource for ideas.

Need Inspiration For New Questions?

I made this site because as a quiz presenter myself, every week I sit down with a “blank canvas” and put on “creative head”. I don’t want to copy questions out of quiz books or use trending questions that are circulating on Facebook groups. I want to make my own quiz questions. But where do I go for inspiration? The website that I need isn’t there. The website that will just give me some ideas to put the last few questions together to complete my quiz prep. There are loads of quiz question sites out there, most of which provide x amount of quiz’s free but their end objective being to sell you their question sets. (And there’s nothing wrong with that).

Quiz Question & Quiz Rounds Ideas

I have uploaded 12,000+ free to use quiz questions and answers to the archive already. A lot of the questions in the archive are laid out with multiple choice to fit in with the formats that I use myself, based on popular TV show such as The Chase, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Blockbusters, Question of Sport…. The list goes on and on. I use TV screens so you may find in the Quiz Archive some lists of films or celebrity’s without actual questions. But use these for inspiration to create your own questions. Take a list of 5 films. One of these will inspire a good question. Whether you are an experienced pub quiz master, question writer for a TV production, run an afternoon quiz in retirement housing or just need to prepare a one off quiz for a fundraiser event. I hope you find this site useful. I’m sure that many reading this will agree that once you’ve been doing this a while, you realise that it’s not questions that you take from quiz books or quiz sites, it’s the ideas for questions.