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  • Quiz Number #550

    Round 1

    1. Spelling: SOVEREIGNTY (def: supreme authority)

    2. The Bermuda Triangle is an urban legend of which ocean? Atlantic | Pacific | Arctic

    3. In the 1st line of Agadoo, after pushing pineapples, the action of shaking trees is executed. However what action is fulfilled after pushing the pineapples in the 2nd line of the song?
    Grind Coffee

    4. The UK home Office have 5 levels of threat against terrorism and national emergencies. Ranging from Low up to Critical. What “S” is the word used to describe our current level?
    Substantial (the others are moderate & severe)

    5. Colin Farrell, Burgess Meredith & Danny DeVito have all played the on-screen role of Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot. This character is better known by what name?

    6. Where in the body is the “Frontal Lobe”? Ear | Brain | Lung

    7. Which of these boxers accumulated the most losses during their professional career? Tyson Fury  | Lennox Lewis  | Muhammad Ali | Anthony Joshua
    Muhammad Ali

    8. Popular in Tuscany and Lazio, what kind of food is Fettuccine?

    9. Which famous singer is the father-in-law of actress Millie Bobby Brown?
    Jon Bon Jovi

    10. The most well-known form of composite AV cable is standard RCA cable. What does the R stand for?

    11. Who is the only former England manager with a 100% win record in terms of wins, draws and losses?
    Sam Allardyce

    12. Who was the the 19th-century composer of Hansel and Gretel the opera, who’s name lives on in the form of a stage name for a singer who had hit songs in the late 60’s?
    Engelbert Humperdinck

    Final Round

    Wheel of Fortune (On-screen round, take some letters out of the answer and run the clue)

    Clue: Oppenheimer became known as…

    Clue: Spin-off prequel telling Mr Cooper’s early life.

    Clue: Grade 1 boxing day action.

    Clue: “You can’t handle the truth!”

    Clue: Money talks. But it don’t sing and dance and it don’t walk.

    Final 5

    6. Which word can mean to do something in a hurry; or is the word to describe a group of squirrels?

    7. Which country this week (3rd June 24) elected their first female president?

    8. Which show has characters such as Hector the Horse, Policeman Jack a Crocodile and Toby the Dog?
    Punch & Judy

    9. Which female classical singing voice range is lower than Soprano & Mezzo-soprano? (Annie Lennox, Shirley Bassey, Lana Del Rey)

    10. Howard Garns gained fame after his death as the creator of Number Place. The game became known as what?



    Answer: OFFENSIVE

    Letters: Fife Ovens

    Clue: Causing anger or annoyance.

    Tie Break
    : Annie Lennox was born on Christmas Day of which year?


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