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  • Quiz Number #443

    Round 1 

    1. Spelling – Chihuahua

    2. Highway Code: In conjested conditions on a motorway, are you allowed to undertake by staying in your own lane? (overtake on the left)
    Yes (Rule 268 of The Highway Code)

    3. Which motorway links the M6 to Blackpool?

    4. The fastest recorded object in sport at over 306 mph is what? Shuttlecock, Tennis ball, golf ball, squash ball.

    5. Where is the global HQ of Bacardi? Motherwell | Hamilton | Havana
    Hamilton (Hamilton, Bermuda)

    6. What instrument is used to measure pressure of gases?
    Manometer (Barometer is a type of manometer and measures air-pressure only)

    7. M&Co. is a Scottish chain store who rebranded in 2005 to M&Co. What were the shops called prior to this?

    8. In 2010 who became the first jockey to win BBC Sports Personality of the Year?
    Tony McCoy

    9. Sainsbury’s, Esso and eBay all use which loyalty card system?

    10. Dundee Stars & Sheffield Steelers play each other in the same league. What animal gives it’s name to the team from Nottingham who also play in this league?
    (Nottingham) Panthers (Ice Hockey) 

    Round 2 


    1. Who played  Albus Dumbledore in the first two Harry Potter films?
    Richard Harris

    2. Audio clip:

    3. What is the name of the song in the Jungle Book sung by Kaa the snake, known as “The Python’s Song”?
    Trust In Me

    4. Which song includes the line “Anything you want done baby, I’ll do it naturally”?
    I’m Every Woman

    5. What is now the highest grossing muscial theatre show of all time worldwide having surpassed The Phantom of the Opera?
    Lion King 


    1. Which EL safeguards businesses against legal and compensation expenses from staff insurance claims?
    Employers’ Liability

    2. Which JT is a celebrity chef that co-presents Masterchef on TV?
    John Torode

    3. Bruxism is an unconscious condition known as what TG?
    Teeth Grinding

    4. In boxing which MC is an opponent whom a champion must either fight or be forced to vacate their title as champion?
    Mandatory Challenger

    5. A cafetière is also known as what FP?
    French Press 

    Final Round 

    1. Capaldi, Tennant, Smith, Eccleston. List in the correct order that they played Dr Who?
    Eccleston – Tennant – Smith – Capaldi

    2. The fraction 1/8 is what in decimal form? (in percent 12 & 1/2 %)

    3. What orbits the nucleus of an atom?

    4. “Wand’rin’ Star” is a song that was originally written by Alan J. Lerner for which stage musical?
    Paint Your Wagon

    5. Ross County F.C. play their home games at Victoria Park in which Highland town?

    6. If you went for a paddle in Whitley Bay, you’d be in which sea?
    North Sea

    7. Only six nations have participated in every Commonwealth Games: England, Scotland & Wales are 3, who are the other 3?
    Australia, Canada, New Zealand

    8. Martes is the Spanish word for which day of the week?


    Tie break:  

    How many square metres in an acre? 



    Answer: POWERWASH 

    Letters: Wow Phrase 

    Clue: Clean your slabs. 

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New For 2022 To The Site… Music Rounds

1 minute clip (play twice during presentation) with 5 songs from 5 different decades.

Format 1: Pull the first letter from each artist and it will spell out which 5 letter word?

Format 2: Give the teams the 5 letter word first, then play the clip and have them name each artist.

Here is a sample of our music round which can be used as a full round or just bonus points during a music question round.

Answer: CHIMP.

1. Chaka Khan

2. Harry Styles

3. Isley Brothers

4. M People

5. Petula Clark