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50 England Quiz Questions on the National Football Team

Test your knowledge with our ultimate ’50 England Quiz Questions on National Football Team’! From historical triumphs and legendary players to recent matches and memorable moments.

This quiz covers all the essential facts every true fan should know. How well do you really know the Three Lions?

Did you know: Sam Allardyce is the only former England manager with a 100% record! Played 1, Won 1.

I have split the 50 questions into sections of 10 at a time with answers below each section to allow for easy scrolling.

Good luck…

England Quiz Questions 1 – 10

1. Geoff Hurst scored 3 of England’s 4 goals in the 1966 World Cup Final. Who scored the other?

2. Who was the England manager during the 2018 FIFA World Cup?

3. Which English player has the most international caps?

4. England went to which country as World Cup holders in 1970?

5. Wayne Rooney was England’s all-time leading scorer having scored 53. Who was the record holder prior to 2015 having scored 49?

6. Who was England’s first foreign manager?

7. Which England manager gave David Beckham his first cap?

8. Who was the England manager at Euro 1996?

9. Which England player scored a hat-trick in the 2018 World Cup group stage against Panama?

10. The first England game at the new Wembley was played in which year?

England Quiz Answers: 1 – 10

England Quiz Questions 11 – 20

11 Who was only 18 years and 190 days old when he scored his first goal in a World Cup for England?
12 Which sportswear company is the current kit maker for the England national team?
13 How many times has England reached the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup?
14 Who scored England’s only goal in the Euro 2020 final against Italy?
15 Which England manager was in charge during the “Golden Generation” era in the early 2000s?
16 Who once described his goal as “a little with the head, and a little with the hand of God”?
17 Which team were England playing when Beckham received his famous 1998 red card?
18 Who captained England during the 1966 World Cup?
19 What was the result of England’s match against Germany in the Round of 16 at Euro 2020?
20 Which English player scored four goals in a match against Spain in a 1960 friendly?

England Quiz Answers: 11 – 20

England Quiz Questions 21 – 30

21. Football songs: Blur bassist Alex James, actor Keith Allen became collectively known as what?
22. What year did England host the UEFA European Championship? (not including being joint-hosts)
23. Who succeeded Fabio Capello as England manager in 2012?
24. Against which team did Wayne Rooney make his England debut?
25. What is the nickname of the England national football team?
26. Which England player won the Golden Boot at the 2018 FIFA World Cup?
27. After finishing as England National team manager, Sven-Göran Eriksson next managed which club side?
28. In the 2018 World Cup Round of 16 match England face a penalty shootout against which country?
29. Peter Shilton is England’s most capped goalkeeper with 125 appearances. Which keeper is 2nd (in the list of capped GK) with 75 caps?
30. Sam Allardyce had his England managerial career cut short! For how many games was he in charge?

England Quiz Answers: 21 – 30

England Quiz Questions 31 – 40

31 Who scored the fastest goal for England in a World Cup match, just after 27 seconds?
32 In which year did England play their first international match?
33 Which country knocked England out of the 2012 Euros?
34 Who was the England captain during the 2010 World Cup?
35 How many goals did England score in their biggest ever win, a 13-0 victory?
36 Who was England’s manager when they were eliminated in the group stage of Euro 2000?
37 Which English player missed a crucial penalty in the Euro 2004 quarter-final shootout against Portugal?
38 Who scored England’s first goal in the 2018 World Cup?
39 Which newspaper once printed a ‘David Beckham Dartboard’, which included other celebrities who were apparently disliked?
40 What are the first names of Baddiel and Skinner?

England Quiz Answers: 31 – 40

England Quiz Questions 41 – 50

41. Which England player was awarded the MBE in 2020 for his campaign against child food poverty?
42. Who scored the winning goal for England against Scotland in Euro 1996?
43. Which England manager was dismissed for making derogatory remarks in a newspaper interview?
44. Who did England defeat in their first ever international match?
45. Which English player scored the winning goal in the 2001 World Cup qualifier against Germany in Munich?
46. Who managed England during their infamous 1-0 loss to the USA in the 1950 World Cup?
47. Which English player was controversially sent off in the 2006 World Cup quarter-final against Portugal?
48. How many of these players exceeded 100 caps? Michael Owen | Gary Neville | Gary Lineker
49. Who scored England’s only goal in their 1-1 draw with Ireland at Euro 1988?
50. How many times have England failed to qualify for the Euro finals since 1980?

England Quiz Answers: 41 – 50

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