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Welcome to our archive of “Quiz of the Week” content.

The purpose of this content is to provide quiz hosts and broadcast quiz question writers ideas for topical, up to date content.

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New Quiz of the Week posted every Tuesday. (It’s a new feature so posted a few last week)

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About Quiz of the Week

If you are using the questions on this archive, we advise you to date check and verify information as these posts provide pub quiz questions and answers on news, sport & entertainment from the previous 7 days.

This site is UK based, therefore the majority of the content will relate to UK news from the week. Although we will try to include international world news when possible.

With this new section on the site, it will now be easier than ever to find topical quiz content.

We also have our Quiz of the Year 2024 post which is updated monthly. This should provide you ideas for content to keep your pub quiz relevant and up to date.

Useful Links

To create more questions for a “Quiz of the Week” round or to insert new and topical content into your next quiz, here are some useful links.

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