Quiz of the Week

Quiz Of The Week (Ending 1st June 2024)

This week we cover “Trump verdict“, “French Open” , “Champions League Final” and more…

Week Ending 1st June 2024.

  1. What nationality is tennis player Iga Swiatek?
  2. Vincent Kompany has this week been appointed as head coach of which team?
  3. Who became the new Plymouth Argyle manager in May 2024?
  4. How many counts of falsifying business records was Donald Trump found guilty of in his historic criminal trial in New York?
  5. On the 1 June 2024, Wembley Stadium, London hosted which showpiece event?
  6. “Mothers Pride Scottish Plain” disappeared from shop shelves for more than 2 weeks due to a manufacturing issue. What is it?
  7. Alan Mackenzie and Peter Cunnah were members of which band, who have banned Sir Keir Starmer from using their song?
  8. On May 30th, Matthew Hudson-Smith beat his own European record at the Diamond League in Oslo. What event was it?
  9. Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard are co-hosts of which TV show that have seen plummeting ratings?
  10. Which tech company launched their “AI Overview” artificial intelligence feature?

    ANSWERS: Quiz Of The Week (Ending 1st June 2024)

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