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Fawlty Towers Quiz

Quiz questions and answers on Fawlty Towers.

It was a hugely popular, but short-run sitcom of the 1970’s. For the 50th anniversary of Fawlty Towers first being aired, here are 40 quiz questions and answers on Fawlty Towers.

Difficulty is varied from easy to hard.

As always with our themed quizzes, I have broken these down into 4 x sections (rounds) of 10 with answers below each section for easy scrolling.

Fawlty Towers Quiz – Round 1

1 . Which Scottish golf course shares it’s name with the Torquay hotel run by Donald Sinclair (known for his rude and eccentric behaviour) inspired Fawlty Towers?

2 . The series has won numerous accolades, including being voted the greatest British television program of all time in 2000 by which BSI?

3 . Which episode features a fire drill and a real fire?

4 . How many episodes of Fawlty Towers were made?

5 . John Cleese and his wife at the time spent more than a month writing each episode. Who was his wife?

6 . Which GB was the daughter of Andrew Sachs and was subject to abusive prank calls by Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross?

7 . Joan Sanderson played the “hard-of-hearing” Mrs. _ who in Fawlty Towers?

8 . What is the name of the rat Manuel keeps as a pet?

9 . Which country was the only to consult John Cleese with creating a remake of Fawlty Towers?

10 . Each episode’s opening sequence features the hotel’s sign with the letters rearranged to form humorous anagrams. There are 2x nine letter words that can be created with Fawlty Towers. What are they?


Fawlty Towers Quiz – Round 2

1 . Torquay is the name of a seaside town in which county?

2 . The cat living at 11 and 10 Downing Street in the United Kingdom between 2006-2009 shared it’s name with which Fawlty Towers character?

3 . Which Fawlty Towers character had the surname Sherman?

4 . Manuel is from which city?

5 . How many series of Fawlty Towers were produced?

6 . Miss Abitha Tibbs & Miss Ursula Angina Gatsby are two out of three permanent guest-residents at Fawlty Towers. Who is the other?

7 . AndrĂ© (a friend of Basil & Sybil) recommended which chef to the Fawltys, who works for them in the episode “Gourmet Night”?

8 . Who gets concussion in the episode called “The Germans”?

9 . Which industrialist, best known for leading the expansion of the American steel industry shares his surname with the health inspector in the episode “Basil the Rat”?

10 . In the episode called “The Anniversary”, Sybil is furious that Basil has forgotten their Crystal anniversary. How many years married does this mark?


Fawlty Towers Quiz – Round 3

1 . In the Fawlty Towers episode called “Communication Problems,” what does Mrs. Richards lose?

2 . Which fish features in the title of an episode of Fawlty Towers where Basil has do deal with a corpse?

3 . What nationality was the antique dealer who makes advances to Basil in the episode called “The Wedding Party”?

4 . Waldorf salad is named after the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in which city?

5 . Which nuts are in a Waldorf salad?

6 . Which member of The Beatles once said “I love Fawlty Towers. I’d like to be in that. [It’s] the greatest show I’ve seen in years”?

7 . Ballard Berkeley played which Fawlty Towers character?

8 . What hobby (sport) does Sybil often mention that Basil dislikes?

9 . Which shoddy builder does Bails hire to renovate the hotel in “The Builders”?

10 . Actor Brian Hall was best known for playing the chef in Fawlty Towers. What was the chef’s first name?


Fawlty Towers Quiz – Round 4

1 . Sybil was in hospital to receive treatment for what?

2 . In “The Germans”, Basil dons a hat that would normally be worn by which FM?

3 . Manuel likes listening to which genre of music?

4 . Basil mentions which battle first when reeling off a list of random anniversaries before being slapped by Sybil?

5 . Which actor did Prunella Scales marry in 1963?

6 . Which member of the Fawlty Towers cast stepped away from acting to become a psychotherapist?

7 . Which Fawlty Towers actor was born in Berlin, Germany, in 1930, with his family fleeing to England to escape the Nazis?

8 . The only one which of the mock-sign letter rearrangements that is actually a true anagram for the hotel’s name is what?

9 . Which “CR” is the name of the very first episode of Fawlty Towers?

10 . What type of car received “a damn good thrashing” in Gourmet Night?


Good Luck

If you are playing this for fun, good luck, hopefully you got most of those right.

If you are preparing a themed quiz or round on Fawlty Towers, or just looking for a good question to add to your General Knowledge round, hopefully there’s something in here that you can use.

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