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Quiz Number #439

Round 1 

1. Spelling: technique

2. Which of these might use a Pinky Break technique? Wrestler | Snooker Player | Magician

3. Braga is a city & district in which country?

4. What is the name of the biggest technology company in South Korea?

5. In official conker rules, how many strikes per turn are allowed? (WCC World Conker Championships)

6. How many UK monarchs were there in the 20th century?

7. In a game of curling, each team uses a set of how many stones?

8. Which 2 countries competed in the 2018 World Cup final?
France & Croatia

9. What were the other 3 codenames for the D-Day beach landing sites along with  Utah & Omaha?
Gold, Juno and Sword

10. Disney films, what kind of animal is Timon?

Round 2 


1. ABBA are a group with a palindromic name. Which of their singles was also a palindrome?

2. Audio clip: Hong Kong Phooey

3. The Teletubbies celebrate their 25th anniversary this year. What colour was Po?

4. Which actor has played film roles as Tony Blair, Brian Clough & David Frost?
Michael Sheen

5. Which TV sitcom in the 90s starred Lenny Henry as Gareth Blackstock?


1. Which SL is an actress, model and singer who served 18 days in prison for tax evasion in 1982?
Sofia Loren

2. Which LR is a Rugby Super League team from the largest city in West Yorkshire?
Leeds Rhinos

3. Which OC was exhumed from Westminster Abbey, more than 2 years after his death, to be ‘executed’ for treason?
Oliver Cromwell

4. Percy Shaw was an English inventor and businessman who invented which CE?
Cats Eye

5. Which UN is nicknamed the “funny bone”?
Ulnar Nerve 

Final Round 

1. How many squares on a Scrabble board award the player with a double word score?
17 (4 x 4 = 16 + the centre square)

2. Which product first used the slogan “Does exactly what it says on the tin”? (which then became a common idiomatic phrase)

3. David Scott dropped a feather and a hammer on the moon to validate who’s theory that objects in a vacuum will drop at the same rate?
Galileo Galilei

4. Which artist painted ‘Self Portrait with Two Circles’?

5. Made of tungsten, what name is given to the thin wire inside a light bulb?

6. By what name is / was the professional wrestler Mark Calaway better known?
The Undertaker

7. What was the original name of the RAF before and during the WW1 until it merged with the Royal Naval Air Service on 1 April 1918?
Royal  Flying Corps

8. John Lennon was pictured walking across Abbey Road in 1969 wearing what on his feet?
Shoes (Paul McCartney had bare feet)


Tie break:  

What is the furthest you can see with the naked eye?
2.5m light years
(The Andromeda galaxy) 


Answer: Wasteland 

Letters: Wet Sandal 

Clue: A desolate area, no longer used for building.