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Quiz Number #510

Round 1


2. If tightening a nut a bolt by the bolt at top, what direction would you move your tool? Clockwise | Anti-Clockwise

3. How many Giant Pandas are there in Scotland?

4. Commonly & inaccurately known as MI6, what is the correct 3 letter abbreviation of the MI6?

5. Doncaster Sheffield Airport was named what from 2005–2016?
Robin Hood Airport

6. In “I Am the Music Man” which instrument is played after the piano?

7. What is the French word for “spin,” often used to describe a fast, spinning movement in ballet?

8. The film “The Inbetweeners 2” was mostly set in which country?

9. Which of these computer files is smallest? 1 MB | 1 GB | 1 KB
1 KB

10. What does HDMI stand for? (HDMI cable)
High-Definition Multimedia Interface 

Round 2 

Connect 4. (4 quiz questions & for number 5 find a connection). 

1. Who called for his pipe, called for his bowl & called for his fiddlers three?
Old King Cole

2. Who are on the opposite side of the clowns according to Stealers Wheel?

3. Audio clip – By the way, my name is Max. I take care of both of them – which ain’t easy; cause when they met, it was murder.
Hart To Hart

4. Audio clip – 30 Seconds To Mars
Kings & Queens

5. Connection _ _ _ _ S –


1. Which TC is credited with running the 1st ever excursion holidays?
Thomas Cook

2. Which KF was the lead singer of The Prodigy?
Keith Flint

3. Alistair Darling was chairman of which BT campaign in the referendum on Scottish independence?
Better Together

4. Which SS combines gin, Grand Marnier, cherry liqueur, herbal liqueur , pineapple, lime, bitters and club soda?
Singapore Sling

5. Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper & Snorky were collectively known as what BS?
Banana Splits 

Final Round 

1. Lyrics: Name the song “I catch a paper boy. But things don’t really change. I’m standing in the wind. But I never wave bye-bye.
Modern Love

2. Which of these towns is closest to the M6 motorway? Dumfries | Gretna < | Scunthorpe | Norwich

3. “And Then There Were None” was one of the best-selling novels of the last century. Who wrote it?
Agatha Christie

4. Which pop group, who had several top 10 hits in the 80’s had a lead singer called Susanna Hoffs?
The Bangles

5. What name is given to the force that acts on an object moving in a circular path, directed towards the centre of the circle? Not Centrifugal.
Centripetal Force

6. Which of these household appliances should be fitted with a 13 amp fuse? Fridge | Television | Iron

7. Tarragona is the main port city within which of Spain’s “Costa” regions?
Costa Daurada

8. How many former US presidents are still alive?


Clue:  All the people who live together.