Quiz Number #440

Round 1 

1. Spelling : Fahrenheit (temperature scale)

2. Captain James Hook was the captain of which fictional ship?
Jolly Roger

3. On a standard UK computer keyboard, the £ sign is shift & what?

4. Who was Leader of the Labour Party between 2010 and 2015, resigning after Labour’s defeat at the 2015 general election?
Ed Miliband

5. The CAA have strict rules on where you can fly a drone. What does CAA stand for?
Civil Aviation Authority

6. Which boxing announcer owns the copyright to the phrase “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble”?
Michael Buffer

7. Vanilla is a type of what? Herb, spice or vegetable?

8. The currency abbreviation TRY applies to which currency? eg, GBP, USD
Turkish lira

9. What kind of products are made and sold by Clarins? Coffee | Cosmetics | Wine

10. The Piccolo is a member of which musical instrument family? (woodwind, brass, percussion, and strings)


Round 2 


1. Song keyword link: The Beatles, Coldplay, Elton John & Joni Mitchell all had a hit song with which word in the title?

2. Audio clip : Peppa Pig

3. Which Scottish actor has starred in films such as Billy Elliot & Gangs Of New York?
Gary Lewis

4. Kylie Minogue had a number 1 hit in 1990 with a cover of which song from Grease?
Tears On My Pillow

5. Which actor played Bobby Grant in Brookside?
Ricky Tomlinson 


1. The Gravelly Hill Interchange in Birmingham is better known as what SJ?
Spaghetti Junction

2. Which SR was a trade route between Europe & China up until the 15th century?
Silk Road

3. Which MC was a famous ship that was found deserted in 1872?
Mary Celeste

4. Eric Carmen performed which HE on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack?
Hungry Eyes

5. Which BO is the job on a film set of controlling the microphone attached to a long pole?
Boom Operator 

Final Round 

1. Lincolnshire sausages are made of pork and  flavoured with which herb?

2. The “surgeon’s photograph”, taken by  Robert Kenneth Wilson and published in the Daily Mail in 1934 was a picture of what?
Loch Ness Monster

3. Jonction is a place where rivers Rhône and Arve meet. The waters are different colours and this creates a unique natural phenomenon? Which country is this?

4. Ayurveda is an ancient natural system of medicine that originated, and is still widely practiced in which country?

5. What H is a word that describes the man or woman steering the boat?

6. Motor racing – What does the S stand for in NASCAR?
Stock (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing)

7. Which hamlet village in East Ayrshire shares it’s name with a capital city?

8. Name the missing Marx Brother : (There were 5) Chico, Harpo, Groucho, Gummo?
Zeppo (Herbert Manfred “Zeppo” Marx) 


Tie break:  

Gangs of New York received ten nominations at the Oscars in which year? 

2003 (Film out in 2002 so was the 2003 Oscars)


Elderly So 


Shouty singers from the Swiss mountains