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Quiz Number #514

Round 1


2. Who was the last act to win Eurovision for Britain? Katrina & the Waves < | Sam Ryder | Gina G
Katrina & the Waves

3. Name all 3 countries that have both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines?
Spain – France – Morocco

4. What nationality is Rupert Murdoch?

5. Which of these is a determining factor to the price of driving through the M6 Toll?
Number of Passengers
Petrol or Deisel
Number of Axles <
AA Breakdown Cover

6. In 1995 the UK mains power supply was brought down 10v and is now what?

7. Steve Coogan & John C Reilly played the title characters in which 2018 film?
Stan & Ollie

8. Which M is a hairstyle that shares it’s name with a fish?

9. Leonardo Dicaprio, Shakira & Jackie Chan are all famous polyglots, meaning they are all good at what?
Multiple Languages

10. What does the E stand for in the publication title NME?

Round 2 

Guest Round – Connect 4. Answer 4 questions and for number 5 find the connection.  

1. Who is the National Clinical Director of the Scottish Government?
Jason Leitch

2. Which former England player had a short and unsuccessful time as manager of Valencia CF?
Gary Neville

3. Which 80’s TV drama was set within the yachting industry?
Howards’ Way

4. Who created Huckleberry Finn?
Mark Twain

5. Connection – Jason | Gary | Howard | Mark
Take That


1. Geraldine Halliwell-Horner was once best known as what GS?
Ginger Spice

2. Which MG is a hardwood & brass tool used by carpenters to tenon joints on wood prior to cutting?
Mortice Gauge

3. According to Trevor Horn, which RS was killed by video?
Radio Star

4. Human body: The larynx functions as what VB?
Voice Box

5. Which BF is a Latin phrase used in everyday English, meaning genuine?
Bona Fide 

Final Round 

1. Coronation chicken is a dish that was first created for which monarch?
Elizabeth II

2. The word quindecennial means something occurs every how many years?

3. (Excluding strikes) Of the days in the calendar year, what percentage are schools open? 42% | 52% | 72%.
52% (190 days)

4. Railway, Queensway & Kingsway are 3 tunnels under which river?

5. Sport Climbing at the Olympics includes three disciplines. Speed, Lead & what?

6. What does the term “IP rating” refer to in the context of British Standard Electric?
Ingress Protection

7. BT Sports now broadcast under the name TNT, part of the major group owned by Warner Bros. TNT is originally an abbreviation for what?
Turner Network Television

8. The Ovo Hydro, as it is now named, celebrate’s a milestone anniversary this year. If the amount of years that it’s been open were translated to wedding anniversay gifts, what would it be?


Letters: Mild Ghost
Clue: Someone that could melt a bullion & make a ring.