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Quiz Number #513

Round 1

1. Spelling: KLEPTOMANIA

2. Levi Strauss manufactured the 1st jeans. What are jeans named after? Levi’s wife  | German cheese |Type of horse| Italian city <
Italian city

3. Which netball player position is allowed anywhere on the court except their own and the opposing team’s goal circles? (Allowed in all thirds, but not in either shooting circle)

4. CGI is used for special effects and for animated films. What does CGI stand for?
Computer-Generated Imagery

5. Which singer performed the most recent James Bond title song?
Billie Eilish

6. Cape Horn lies on the Southern tip of where? Australia | South America < | Africa
South America

7. TV: Mulder or Scully. Which one was played by Gillian Anderson?

8. What F is a type of hat as worn by the Blues Brothers?

9. Daisy is a best selling perfume range by who?
Marc Jacobs

10. Penology is the study of which C & P?
Crime & Punishment (Prison) 

Round 2 

Guest Round “Let’s Be Frank”. Name the famous Frank with the clue.

1. And now the end is here.
Frank Sinatra

2. Het Achterhuis author.
Anne Frank

3. It’s coming home, it’s coming home.
Frank Skinner

4. Voice of Yoda & Miss Piggy.
Frank Oz

5. Hoover the car properly.
Frankie Valli. 


1. What CJ are on public display in the the Tower of London?
Crown Jewels

2. What LC was a 2011 film starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts?
Larry Crowne

3. Scottish football: 22nd May 2005 became known as what HS?
Helicopter Sunday

4. Which SP is England’s highest mountain?
Scafell Pike

5. Jim Moir is better known as what VR?
Vic Reeves 

Final Round 

1. On an internet router you may find a WPS button. The W stands for WiFi. What does the PS stand for?
(WiFi) Protected Setup

2. Armand Duplantis is a Swedish-American athlete who holds world records in what track and field jumping event?
Pole Vault

3. Which country’s flag is the only one in the world that is isn’t rectangle or square. It’s double pennon shaped?

4. What T was the code name for the world’s first nuclear explosion on July 16, 1945?

5. True or False. The Titanic was the fourth ship to sink under the command of Captain Edward Smith?

6. Which of these Scottish islands is largest (area). (almost twice as big as the other) Mull / Arran.

7. The Battle of Goose Green was an engagement during which war?
Falklands War

8. F1: What colour of flag is used to disqualify a driver and orders them to return to their pit garage at once?


Letters: BAN TURTLE 


Clue: Top bit of a HiFi.