Quiz Number #441

Round 1 

1. Spelling : encyclopedia ENCYCLOPEDIA

2. What type of bird gives it’s name to a brand of margarine?

3. What is the primary language spoken on Easter island?
Spanish (accept – Rapa Nui or Pascuan – it’s owned by Chile)

4. Mario is Nintendo’s mascot. What is the name of his twin brother & sidekick?

5. Who is the vice president of America?
Kamala Harris

6. In Deal or No Deal, what was the lowest value box?

7. Rest and Be Thankful is the highest point of the A83. The A83 runs from Loch Lomond to which town on the Kintyre peninsula?

8. Which of these would probably have an SSL Certificate? Bus| Lifeguard | Website

9. The 2022 Commonwealth Games will begin on the 28th July in which city?

10. Was Robert Burns born before or after Battle of Culloden?
After (Battle of Culloden 1746 Burns 1759) 

Round 2 


1. Who co-wrote and starred as Dave Best in The Royale Family?
Craig Cash

2. AUDIO –

3. Which famous actress provided the voice of Queen Lillian in the Shrek films?
Julie Andrews

4. John Robert Parker Ravenscroft OBE was a radio presenter & music journalist known professionally as what
John Peel

5. On which TV show can a contestant become an Octochamp?


Final Round 

1. Which of these planets has the lowest (coldest) surface temperature? Mars | Venus | Jupiter

2. What name is given to a person that compiles dictionaries?

3. What kind of pasta shares it’s name with a type of penguin?

4. Who are the only F1 team to win both championships in their only season?
Brawn GP

5. Which organ system includes the cardiovascular system?
Circulatory system

6. What kind of animal is an Appaloosa?

7. A tradition at Easter in Finland sees children dressing up as what? Rabbits | Witches | Dragons

8. The CMYK color model is used in printing. What do the 4 letters stand for?
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key 


Tie break:  

How old is Mary Berry, the baking woman on the telly? 



Answer: Gatecrash 

Letters: Search Tag 

Clue: Go to party uninvited.