Quiz of the Week

Quiz Of The Week (Ending 4th June 2024)

This week we cover “Britain’s Got Talent“, “Summer Festivals” , “Champions League Final” and more…

Week Ending 4th June 2024.

1 . Who has joined TikTok this week, despite previously attempting to ban the app?

2 . On 2 June 2024, which country elected Claudia Sheinbaum as their first female president?

3 . Following their victory in this years Champions League, Real Madrid have now won the competition how many times?

4 . Colin Gibb, the longest-standing member of pop band Black Lace sadly died this week. Which of their songs include the lines “Go for a walk, Lets see you swim”?

5 . Sydnie Christmas became £250,000 better off this week after winning what?

6 . It has been confirmed that Kylian Mbappé will join Real Madrid in July. Which club did he start his professional career?

7 . Which UK internet service provider will cease to operate their mobile phone network this month? Sky | Zen | Plusnet

8 . Which YouTube creator has overtaken T-Series as the biggest YouTube channel in a long-running battle for the most subscribers?

9 . Which Blur song shares it’s name with a music festival taking place at a public park in Manchester this week?

10 . Who had a drink thrown over him when launching his personal election campaign in Clacton this week?

    ANSWERS: Quiz Of The Week (Ending 4th June 2024)

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