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Quiz Number #469

Round 1 

1. Which of these amounts to the same as the number of hours in a week?
Dots on dominoes set <
Dots on 20 dice
Moons in Solar System
Spanish number “Cien”

2. Qatar will be the first World Cup host nation that have never played at the World Cup beforehand? (Uruguay in 1930 & Italy 1934)

3. Formerly First Choice Airways and Thomson Airways is now called what?
TUI Airways

4. In 2015 Tim Peake became a member of what? Parliament | Royal Family | ISS Crew < | Westlife
ISS Crew

5. The most decorated Olympian of all time with a total of 28 medals competed in which sport?

6. Which of these Welsh cities is furthest north? Wrexham < | Swansea | Cardiff

7. In which city is Croke Park?

8. Which British bank have an eagle in their logo?

9. The saying goes – As ____ as Croesus?

10. Which song appeares twice on Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, one version by the Bee Gees & the other by the Tavares
More Than A Woman 

Round 2 


1. Which of these TV detectives’ first name was Mary-Beth?
Cagney | Lacey < | Miss Marple

2. Audio Clip – TV: This was opening theme to which TV show from 1996 to 2000?
Audio clip – Man In A Suitcase
ANSW – TFI Friday

3. In Toy Story, what name was written on Woddy’s foot?

4. What is the name of the musical written by Ben Elton, that is based on the songs of Queen?
We Will Rock You

5. Who played May Day, a character in the James Bond film “A View to a Kill”?
Grace Jones 


1. “Does your person wear a hat?” might be asked in a game of what GW?
Guess Who

2. Which CE is the best selling  variation of beer produced by Mexican brewery Cervecería Modelo
Corona Extra

3. Decalogue is another name for what TC?
Ten Commandments

4. John Boyd Dunlop was a Scottish vet and inventor, famous for making what PT?
Pneumatic Tyres

5. Which BE are printers for blind and visually impaired?
Braille Embossers 

Final Round 

1 .Of all the teams who have won the English Premier League (1992 – present), who are 5th alphabetically?

2. True or false – Albert Einstein & Stephen Hawking were alive at the same time?

3. The condition “quadriceps contusion” is better known as what? Writers Cramp | Tennis Elbow | Dead Leg | Tickle
Dead Leg

4. In an engine, which HG provides the seal between the engine block and cylinder heads?
Head Gasket

5. If an event is held on a vicennial basis, it occurs every “how many years”?
20 Years

6. The tenth Rugby World Cup is scheduled to be held in France in which year?

7. Lennie Small was a fictional character created by who?
John Steinbeck

8. St. Bernard dogs were originally bred for rescue work by the hospice of the Great St Bernard Pass on the border of which two countries?
Italy / Switzerland 

Tie break: 

How long has the ISS been in orbit?
23 years, 11 months, 18 days
(7 November 2022 – get current date https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Space_Station)


For 2 points – Letters: Crack Heid
Clue for 1 point: A seat on the sand.