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Quiz Number #496

Round 1 


2. Eddie Van Halen performed a guitar solo on which 1982 Michael Jackson song?
Beat It

3. Which P is a social media platform is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas to spark inspiration

4. How many of these was a pop star, not a band. : Blondie | Lynyrd Skynyrd | Gnarls Barkley | Duane Eddy < | Lukas Graham
1: Duane Eddy 

5. How many joules are in a megajoule? 100 | 1000 | 1,000,000

6. Which D is an Italian motorcycle-manufacturing company directly owned by Lamborghini?

7. Which ambiguous Muppet character had an eccentric passion for stunt performance?

8. Which word can mean “a source of trouble” and can also be used to describe a group of mice?

9. What is the largest species of shark?
Whale Shark

10. Which capital city is last alphabetically?

Round 2 

GUEST ROUND – Simple Sums For Dummies
(The sums are simple – if you know what numbers you’re adding up.)

1. Number of foreign managers Scotland national football side. (1)
Number of foreign managers England national football side. (2)

2. Films starring Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly. 3
Films starring Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. 4. (5 Jason B films but only 4 had Matt Damon)

3. Number of vertices on a Stop sign. 8
Number of vertices on a No-overtaking sign. 0

4. An Octupus’s arms or tentacles. 8
A Squid’s arms or tentacles.10

5. Quince in Spanish. 15
Quindici in Italian. 15 (queen-dichi)


1. Which WR is said to have introduced tobacco to England?
Walter Raleigh

2. Which GF is a  viral infection sometimes called the “kissing disease”?
Glandular Fever

3. Tricky Trees is a nickname of which NF?
Nottingham Forest

4. Which KL featured Gary Ewing and his family?
Knots Landing

5. What BB is the world’s smallest species of mammal?
Bumblebee Bat 

Final Round 

1. Sunnyside Daycare is a setting in which film? Some Like It Hot | Toy Story | Toy Story 2 | Toy Story 3 <
Toy Story 3

2. Lutetium is a chemical element named after which European capital city?

3. Name that tune:
Scots Wha Hae

4. The Fairmont Le Château Frontenac is an iconic hotel in which city?

5. Actor link:  City Slickers | Monsters, Inc. | When Harry Met Sally
Billy Crystal

6. “A Piece of Cake”, which  tells the horrific story of a pilot whose plane crashes in the desert, was the first published work by which author?
Roald Dahl

7. Reinheitsgebot is a 1516 German law that regulates what? Lager Purity < | Sausage Size | Towel Laying | Punctuality
Lager Purity

8. Who had the catchphrase “Ho, ho, ho” and had a young apprentice called the Little Green Sprout?
Green Giant 


Answer: Knowledge
Letters: Wed El Kong
Clue: Information and understanding about a subject