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Quiz Number #411

Round 1 

1. In which of these would you get Bountys?
Heroes | Celebrations <

2. Andersson is the surname of which member of ABBA?

3. In basketball, are you allowed to use both hands during a dribble?

4. In electronics, which of these basic cmponents can act as either a switch or an amplifier?
Transistor < | Capacitor | Resistor | Diode

5. Which T, is the worlds most popular video game live streaming platform?

6. Which Womble shares his name with a town on the Isle of Mull?

7. Pedro Martínez Losa is the manager of which Scottish team?
Women’s National – Scotland

8. What is the name of Her Majesty’s Naval Base sited at Faslane in Argyll & Bute?
HMNB Clyde (Neptune)

9. The LTA is the national governing body of tennis in Great Britain. Which 3 letter abbrieviation is the governing body of world tennis?

10. Which 2 player game do players have 15 pieces that move between twenty-four triangles according to the roll of two dice?

Round 2 


1. Paul Barber played which character in Only Fools & Horses?
Denzil (Tulser)

2. Of the 6 film classifications, which one is used only for films shown in cinemas?

3. Film clip – Apollo 13

4. Lyrics : The chorus to which song includes the lines: Just pour me a drink. And I’ll tell you some lies. Got nothin’ to lose. So you just sing the blues. All the time
Love on The Rocks

5. Which musical film by Danny Boyle & Richard Curtis, tells the story of Jack Malik, who suddenly finds himself the only person who has ever heard of the Beatles?


1. Which SM is prime minister of Australia?
Scott Morrison

2. Which JD wrote a story about a monster in the woods called The Gruffalo?
Julia Donaldson

3. Which SF forms part of the border between England and Scotland?
Solway Firth

4. Which LG is the 2nd smallest of the 7 main islands of the Canarian archipelago?
La Gomera

5. Which BM is a type of monkey and are the only wild monkey population on the European continent?
Barbary macaque 

Final Round 

1. If you had one of each of the denominations of Euro banknotes currently being issued. How much in total would you have>
€385 (€5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200)

2. Who is missing from The Fantastic 4? Invisible Woman, Thing, Human Torch.
Mister Fantastic

3. Which comedian owned a racehorse called Miinnehoma, that won the Grand National in the 90’s?
Freddie Starr

4. TF. The American TV soap Dallas was renamed to Texas for Greek TV because Greeks cannot pronounce Dallas?

5. Who replaced Loyd Grossman as the presenter of Masterchef?
Gary Rhodes

6. Spelling – professionally

7. Literal translation. Conchiglie (Kon-keel-yay) is a pasta. What does the word mean.

8. Dunkirk is located in which country?


Hated Rest – Shattered – extremely tired and have no energy left 

Tie Break
How old was Winston Churchill when he died?