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Quiz Number #545

Round 1

1. Spelling: PARALLEL (straight lines)

2. Which of these is a medical professional who examines, diagnoses and treats eye conditions? Optician  | Optometrist

3. Which car manufacturer shares it’s name with a shallow place in a river where you can cross without a boat?

4. Slowed down song clip; name song title:
Night Fever

5. What 4 letter abbreviation word is the name of the European video game content rating system, issuing age ratings  based on the game’s content?
PEGI (Pan-European Game Information)

6. St David’s Day is celebrated on the first day of which month?

7. Which modern day Egyptian city sits opposite the Valley of the Kings?

8. Which musical contains a song called “Elephant Love Medley” and includes the lyrics “Don’t leave me this way. I can’t survive without your sweet love, oh baby. Don’t leave me this way”?
Moulin Rouge!

9. Which fictional character first appeared as a 7 day-old-baby in a 1902 novel called The Little White Bird?
Peter Pan

10. Chornobyl is an abandoned city located in which country?

11. The Scottish advocate Donald Findlay has what letters after his name?

Final Round


1. The River Mersey flows into which IS?
Irish Sea

2. Which PH is a co-leader of The Scottish Greens political party?
Patrick Harvie

3. Motown is a music label founded by Berry Gordy Jr. as what TR?
Tamla Records

4. TV: Which SS is the name of the principal of Springfield Elementary School?
Seymour Skinner

5. Which CM is Spanish for the number 100,000?
Cien Mil


6. Nutmeg is a brand of clothing sold at which supermarket?

7. Who wrote a stage musical based on the Spice Girls called “Viva Forever”? Melanie C | Gary Barlow | Ben Elton | Jennifer Saunders <
Jennifer Saunders

8. 50/50. Were Floppy disks classed as Volatile  or Non-volatile forms of memory?
Non-volatile (basically means it can hold it’s memory once power has been removed, unlike eg. RAM)

9. What is the name of the film production company founded by Steven Spielberg that has ET on a bike in it’s logo?

10. Cranachan is a traditional Scottish dessert that uses cream, oats, whisky and what fruit?





Clue: Examples in English dictionary: ballet, blitz, karaoke, pizza, ranch.

Tie Break

Tie Break : The Kingston Bridge is 268 m long. How long is the runway at Glasgow airport?

Bonus Guess The Year

Mystery Year – 1993

Bill Clinton is sworn in as the 42nd president of the United States.

For the first time in 26 years, Manchester United are crowned league champions in England.

A false start forces the Grand National to be cancelled, bookmakers have to refund over £75 million in bets.

Jurassic Park is the biggest box office film of the year.

Freddie Mercury gets his 1st solo No.1 hit, although it’s almost 2 years after his death. “Living On My Own”