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Quiz Number #508

Round 1

1. Spelling: TENDENCY

2. Which song featured in the Dairy Milk advert with a gorilla playing the drums?
In the Air Tonight

3. Who is responsible for adult passengers not wearing seatbelts in the back? Driver | Adult Passenger
Adult Passenger

4. Corralejo is a resort on which of the Canary Islands?

5. Which of these items is 35mm × 45 mm? Credit Card  | Passport | Passport Photo | 1st Class Stamp
Passport Photo

6. Since 2014, who has made the engines for the Williams team in F1?

7. In the NATO phonetic alphabet, write out the words for VET.
Victor Echo Tango

8. The driving theory test was introduced as a seperate test in which century?
20th (1996)

9. In cooking: Mornay sauce contains which of these key ingredients? Cheese < | Wine | Parsley

10. Which word describes a female cow under 3 years old that has not had any offspring of her own?


Round 2 

Guest Round – Connect 4. Answer the 4 questions and for number five use part or whole of each answer to make the connection. 

1. Which Radio 2 presenter hosted the TV show The Great Pottery Throw Down?
Sara Cox

2. Which part was played by Robin Williams in the Steven Spielberg film “Hook”?
Peter Pan

3. Who is the current manager of Saudi Pro League club Al-Ettifaq?
Steven Gerrard

4. (Pulp song – audio clip) Oh, we were born within an hour of each other. Our mothers said we could be sister and brother. Your name is ___

5. Connection – clue 7 letters starts with D – Dragons from Dragons Den 


1. The top goalscorer of the FIFA World Cup is awarded what GB?
Golden Boot

2. Which CA was the nickname of Iraqi politician Ali Hassan al-Majid?
Chemical Ali

3. Which CR was the first novel by the author Ian Fleming?
Casino Royale

4. Which BH is also known as a billycock or derby?
Bowler Hat

5. Which FM is the fourth-largest public park in New York City?
Flushing Meadows 

Final Round 

1. Since and including Ronald Reagan, how many US presidents have served in the military (when they were younger)?
3 (Reagan & 2 x Bush’s)

2. Which Mary Poppins song includes the words “In her own special way to the people. She calls, “Come, buy my bags full of crumbs”
Feed The Birds

3. There are two living species of alligator. One is the Chinese Alligator, what is the other?
American Alligator

4. Glaucoma is a medical condition that requires treatment. Which part of the body does it affect? Eye | Heart | Ear

5. What is the next word in this book long title “Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World. In Four Parts. By Lemuel ___”?

6. Famous scientists called Robert, which was born first: Robert Bunsen | Robert Oppenheimer | Robert Boyle
Robert Boyle (born 1627)

7. “I thought love was only true in fairytales.” & “Red, red wine goes to my head” are two opening song lines. Who wrote them both?
Neil Diamond

8. Which vegetable gives it’s name to a Tor-powered browser used to access the dark web?


ANSWER: Groceries
LETTERS: Roger Ices
Clue: American term for the shopping.