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Quiz Number #504

Round 1 

1. Spelling: TOXICITIES

2. Before switching to the Euro, the Irish Pound was referred to as what?

3. Astronauts who walked on the Moon had a PLSS in their backpack, which stands for what?
Portable Life Support System

4. Who currently holds the position of First Lord of the Treasury?
Rishi Sunak

5. What kind of creature was Speedy Gonzales? un ratoncito | un perro | una mosco
un ratoncito

6. Björn Borg won the Wimbledon mens singles titles multiple times within which decade?

7. A TV license is required to use which of these services on your TV? BBC Sounds | Netflix | Sky Sports News <
Sky Sports News

8. If Robert is a builder & Patrick is a postal operative, what is Samuel?

9. XIX is what number in Roman Numerals?

10. In which film does Rocky take on Ivan Drago?
Rocky IV 

Round 2 

Family Fortunes – Defininitive facts; find the missing answer.
List of Manchester United managers from 2013-2018 (excl. caretakers)
Alex Ferguson
David Moyes
Louis van Gaal <
José Mourinho
Ole Gunnar Solskjær

The order of countries Hitler invaded in World War II.
Czechoslovakia <
Denmark and Norway

Latest list of the top five earning BBC presenters from the last year.
Gary Lineker
Zoe Ball <
Alan Shearer
Huw Edwards
Stephen Nolan

List of the 5 disciplines in the pentathlon?
Fencing <

In the order that the singers sang lead verses on Band Aid was…
Paul Young
Boy George <
George Michael
Simon Le Bon



1. Which MW is a subtitle to some of the Call of Duty video games?
Modern Warfare

2. Uluru used to be called what AR?
Ayre’s Rock

3. Robert Oppenheimer was one of the leading scientists in which MP?
Manhattan Project

4. Which SA is a major fault line that runs through California?
San Andreas

5. St Annes Golf Club is also known as what RL?
Royal Lytham


Final Round 

1. In which of these sports is the net a different height whether it’s men or women playing? Tennis | Basketball | Football | Volleyball
Volleyball <

2. What is the largest type of penguin?

3. Which war ended on 1 April 1939?
Spanish Civil War

4. In mainland Britain, M20 motorway runs through where? Peak District | Kent | South Wales | The Highlands

5. Bob Kane & Bill Finger co-created what? Batman | Olympic Rings | Crufts

6. An Apiary is used to house what?

7. Vermilion is a color family and pigment that closely resembles which primary colour?

8. Who designed Diana’s little black dress known as the “Revenge Dress” as worn on  29 June 1994? Jean Paul Gaultier | Gianni Versace | Elizabeth Emanuel | Christina Stambolian <
Christina Stambolian < 


Chip El Nun 

Letters: EL CHIP NUN
Clue: The end of a joke.