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Quiz Number #501

Round 1 

1. Spelling: LIAISON

2. Which of the (soon to depart) Edinburgh pandas shares her name with an Asian supermarket chain?
Tian Tian

3. The UK postcode area of IM1 – IM99 covers where?
Isle of Mann

4. Which football stadium has a Graham Taylor Stand and a Sir Elton John Stand?
Vicarage Road

5. James Cameron made the first solo submersible dive to the bottom of the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench?

6. In the UK, what is the minimum age restriction (if any) for purchasing vapes (e-cigarettes)?

7. The shortest (length) international border (entirely) in Europe speprates which two places?
Spain & Gibralter

8. Which of these alcoholic brands is not produced by the company: Diageo? Baileys | Gordon’s Gin | Drambuie < | Bell’s Whisky

9. What relation to Gianni Versace was Donatella Versace? Wife | Sister < | Mother

10. The evening sister paper of The Herald, was rebranded in 2019 and is now called what?
Glasgow Times

Round 2 


1. What is the name of Yogi Bear’s constant companion (not his son, as sometimes believed)?

2. In 2010, which X-Factor quarter finalist act shares his name with  a Russian paramilitary organization?

3. On TV, which actor said the catchphrase “I love it when a plan comes together!” ?
George Peppard

4. Dave Gahan is the lead singer of which band? Kings of Leon | Depeche Mode | Bronksi Beat
Depeche Mode <

5. Who was the henchman to the villain Auric Goldfinger in the 1959 James Bond novel Goldfinger?


1. What HB is issued by water suppliers during a supply shortage?
Hosepipe Ban

2. Which SB is a combat exercise used to warm-up and loosen muscles?
Shadow Boxing

3. Henry Cuthbert Edwards was a spiv in St. Trinian’s, better known as what FH?
Flash Harry

4. What TT is a research institute that look at subjects such as political strategy?
Think Tank

5. Which SC is a position currently held by Rachel Reeves?
Shadow Chancellor


Final Round 

1. Rules of golf: If the wind blows a pinecone just before taking a shot and the cone obstructs your ball. Are you allowed to move the cone?

2. Which Australian river share it’s name with the orangutan in the film Every Which Way but Loose?

3. How many World Cup wins have all of these teams have Spain, Netherlands, Hungary, Sweden.

4. The Simplon Tunnel is a railway tunnel through the Alps that connects Switzerland to which country?

5. Which of these sports is not competed at the Commonwealth Games? Lawn bowls | Rugby sevens | Fencing < | Weightlifting

6. Zharnel Hughes is a rising star in which sport?
Sprinting / Running

7. George Square is the main civic square in Glasgow. What is the name of Manchester’s equivalent? Eldon Square | Merrion Square | Victoria Square | Albert Square <
Albert Square

8. Côtes is a word often found on a french wine bottle. What does it mean?
Hillside / slope 


Letters: DRAMA NEST 


Clue: Bob The Builder or Pete The Plumber.