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Quiz Number #492

Round 1 

1. Spelling: KNOWINGLY
Context – He had never knowingly spelt the first answer wrong.

2. In the UK, it is an offence to sell a lottery ticket or scratch card to someone under what age?

3. In 10 Pin Bowling, what is described as a turkey?
3 Strikes In A Row <
3 Misses In A Row
7-10 Split
Line Foul

4. Which B is a word that could describe Gripper Stebson, Nelson Muntz, Biff Tannen & Dominic Raab

5. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) uses three-letter abbreviation country codes. Britain is GBR. Spain is ESP. What is the code for Germany?

6. Charles Saatchi is a 79 yr old businessman born in Baghdad, that was married to which TV personality?
Nigella Lawson

7. If a snooker player is on a red and pots 2 reds within the same shot, what happens to the score? 2 Points | 7 Point Deduction | 4 Points Awarded To Opponent
2 Points

8. Which one of these towns or cities are not in (one of the) Yorshire(s)?
Burnley <

9. The Spanish word for “little fly” appears in the English dictionary. What is the word?

10. Victoria Falls is a famous waterfall in which continent?

Round 2 


1. There have been 3 Bridget Jones films. 1 was called Diary, what are the other 2 called?
Edge of Reason , Baby

2. Which song opens with the words “One, two, three Turn it up. Big wheels keep on turnin'”?
Sweet Home Alabama

3. Which musical -Audio clip – Annie.

4. Which 1 of these singers was born in England? Billie Eilish | Sheena Easton | Dua Lipa <
Dua Lipa <

5. Which 1990 film about Bare-Knuckle Boxing starred Liam Neeson and Billy Connolly?
The Big Man 


1. Which PN was a Peter Kay set in a a working men’s club in Bolton?
Phoenix Nights

2. Founded by Senh Duong, which RT is a review-aggregation website for film and television?
Rotten Tomatoes

3. Which AW was a Roman barrier barrier across what is now the Central Belt of Scotland?
Antonine Wall

4. Dame Edna Everage was a character created and performed by which BH?
Barry Humphries

5. A song by which MW inspired the name of the Rolling Stones?
Muddy Waters 

Final Round 

1. The film Chariots of Fire was based on events at the Paris Olympics of which year?

2. Liechtenstein was the last country in Europe to give women the vote. Which year did this happen? 14
1984 <

3. Who is co-owner of Salford City FC and is also head coach at Inter Miami?
Philip Neville

4. Where will the 2023 Ryder Cup be held?
Italy <
Cape Town
Nowhere, not on this year

5. In the specialized agency of the United Nations, what does the S stand for in UNESCO? 10

6. Which A is a variety of a species of thistle cultivated as food?

7. An Olympic Gold Medal is composed of mostly of what, with a 92.5% purity?
Silver <

8. Invented in France in 1816 by René Laennec, what is the most common medical device used for Auscultation?


Answer: Clownfish
Letters: Wolfs Chin
Clue: Nemo is one.