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Quiz Number #485

Round 1 

1. Spelling: Bhangra (A type of non-traditional music of Punjab origin.)

2. Simple sums: The amount of legs a ladybird has? + the amount of these famous actors that are still alive: Michael Caine | Richard Wilson | Burt Reynolds*

3. Which champion thoroughbred & seven times at Group 1 winning racehorse was part-owned by Sir Alex Ferguson
Rock of Gibraltar

4. Dufftown is the name of the Scottish town that declares itself ‘The _____ Capital of the World’?
Malt Whiskey

5. Which of these superhero was told to “kneel before Zod”?

6. Which car logo has a picture of a griffin holding a flag?

7. Of the letters in the word LIVID, which represents the highest value in Roman Numerals?

8. FM radio broadcasting in the UK operates on the wavelenghts 87.5–108 MHz. UHF | VHF | HF?

9. Which actor from Northern Ireland appeared in a series of high-profile television advertisements for Yellow Pages between 2002 & 2006?
James Nesbitt

10. Which of these catagories does the website Snapfish belong? Dating | Fishing | Photo Printing | Gambling
Photo Printing 

Round 2 


1. Aimee, Kelly & Jack are the children of which celebrity family?

2. Which month of the year is sung in the next line of this song? (Audio clip – Earth, Wind, Fire – September) – trick question

3. Actor Link: Kursk | Love Actually | Nanny McPhee | Mamma Mia!
Colin Firth

4. Which broadcaster owns a farm shop called “Didley Squat”?
Jeremy Clarkson

5. Which actor played David Powers, the head of a gang of vampires in The Lost Boys?
Kiefer Sutherland


1. In Glasgow, Scotrail operate additional services to which MF during major events?
Mount Florida

2. When seen from certain angles, the Saturn moon “Mimas” resembles which DS?
Death Star

3. Which CS is a job description of those who are employed by ‘the Crown’?
Civil Servant

4. What SC is called a Gatso?
Speed Camera

5. “K-Billy’s Super Sounds of the Seventies” was a radio show that played throughout which RD?
Reservoir Dogs 

Final Round 

1. How many different colour sections are there on a roulette wheel that the ball can land?

2. Which word can be a part in a gun, a bone in the body or the “last stone advantage” in curling?

3. AMSL is a term to determine above sea level. What does the M stand for?

4. Netherland Dwarf, Sussex, Himalayan & New Zealand White are some of the most common breeds of what in the UK?

5. Yellow tennis balls replaced white because on colour TV, viewers could see them better. Which year did Wimbledon allow yellow balls? 1956 | 1966 | 1976 | 1986
1986 <

6. Ferdinand Magellan renamed the Mar del Sur to what?
Pacific Ocean

7. Henry & Edward are better known by what surnames in an 1886 strange case?
Jekyll & Hyde

8. A Greek island is the modern-day location site of which of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?
Colossus of Rhodes 



Conundrum: NAMED INTO
Clue: Was up for an award.