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Quiz Number #481

Round 1 

1. On the Glasgow Subway map, what direction does the Outer Circle go? Clockwise | Anti-clockwise
Clockwise <

2. Real names of famous people: Which of these was born: Jorge Mario Bergoglio? Ricky Martin | Maradona | The Pope
The Pope <

3. Which town made headlines in the last few weeks by causing a sporting upset, and is also the birthplace of Sir Alexander Fleming?

4. Which word describes any liquid or frozen water that forms in the atmosphere and falls back to the earth?

5. Which of these is a type of tea was named after a British Prime Minister?
Earl Grey

6. Name all 4 countries that compete in The Rugby Championship?
Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa

7. Which of these is an XML-based vector image format? SVG | PNG | SQL

8. “Refreshes the parts that other beers cannot reach” was an advertising slogan for which beer?

9. On your way round a Monopoly board, which of these to you get to first? Water Works | Super tax | Electic Co | Liverpool St Station
Electric Company

10. In France, if potatoes are “lyonnaise”, they are cooked with what?

Round 2 


1. TV – What is the real name of the Chaser that is nicknamed “The Beast”?
Mark Labbett

2. Lyrics – Which Robbie Williams song opens with: Come on, hold my hand
I wanna contact the living

3. David Bowies ex-wife Angie was appearing on which TV show when she found out that David Bowie died
Big Brother

4. The Three Tenors were an operatic singing trio. Two of them were from where?

5. Name any solo top 40 UK hit by Feargal Sharky – apart from… A Good Heart?
I’ve Got News For You | Loving You | Listen To Your Father | You Little Thief 


1. In snooker, which CT is the bit at the very end of the player’s stick that gets chalked?

2. Which DS wrote “The Cat in the Hat”?
Dr. Seuss

3. Tutankhamun is often referred to as what KT?
King Tut

4. If each suit includes three courts, the courts are better known as what FC?
Face Cards

5. What DC, in 1971 replaced LSD?
Decimal Currency 

Final Round 

1. Aldi’s own version of Mars Bars are named after which moon?

2. Which was the first internal human organ to be successfully transplanted?

3. What is the name for the small dots over a lowercase ‘i’ or ‘j’?

4. In astrology, the 3 “air signs” are Gemini, Libra, and what?

5. Sir James Galway is known as The living legend of …. which instrument?

6. What was the name of the planned German operation to invade Britain in 1940?
Sea Lion

7. Which 90’s band share their name with a Photoshop effect that was named after Carl Friedrich Gauss?

8. Thomas Edison was known as “The Wizard of”… what or where?
Menlo Park 

Tie break: 

Which year was Alexander Flemming born?



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