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Quiz Number #472

Round 1 

in a way that leaves no doubt. “we unequivocally condemn any cheating in this quiz”

2. What is considered to be “normal body temperature”? 37˚C or 37˚F

3. What K is the largest town in Orkney?

4. “Sukey take it off again” is a line from which nursery rhyme?
Polly Put the Kettle On

5. In UK measurement cooking recipes, the word used to describe 15ml is 1 what?
1 Tablespoon

6. In feet, how high is the crossbar on a football goal?
8 Feet

7. What nationality is the fashion designer Calvin Klein?

8. Carlo Lorenzini, better known by the pen name Carlo Collodi is best known for writing what?
The Adventures of Pinocchio

9. The 2026 FIFA World Cup will be jointly held in 16 cities across 3 countries where? N Am | S Amer | Afr | Australasia
North America

10. Anne Boleyn was married to who?
Henry VIII 

Round 2 


1. Harvey Spencer Stephens played a 5 yr old devil child in which 1976 film?
The Omen

2. Audio clip: Gremlins

3. Which member of Monty Python wrote and recorded the theme song to One Foot In The Grave
Eric Idle

4. Sam Cooke, Erasure, Pretenders, Diana Ross & Tina Arena have all had hits with which word (In either singular or plural form,) in the song title?

5. What is the name of the Princess, who  is often the damsel in distress in Mario games?
Princess Peach 


1. Which SC hears cases of the greatest public or constitutional importance affecting the whole population?
Supreme Court

2. Riyadh is in which SA?
Saudi Arabia

3. Which EG existed from its creation on 7 October 1949 until its dissolution on 3 October 1990?
East Germany

4. Sooty was created by which HC?
Harry Corbett

5. The word cordate means what HS?
Heart Shaped 

Final Round 

1. 6 countries have won the World Cup while hosting it. Who were the 5th to do so?

2. Elgin is a notable wine region in which country?
South Africa

3. Which WW2 invention is credited to Barnes Wallace?
Bouncing Bomb

4. “When You Say Nothing at All” was a song recorded by Ronan Keating for which film?
Notting Hill

5. A jibe (or gybe) is a maneuver in what? Gymnastics | Skating | Sailing | Chess

6. Which city was registered as the home port of the Titanic?

7. The Battle of Kursk was fought from the 5 July – 23 August of which year?

8. What was the name of Apollo 11 astronaut that stayed on the spaceship?
Michael Collins 

Tie break: 

The Richard Curtis film Notting Hill was mentioned in the quiz. Another of his films was Bridget Jones’s Diary. Which year was the film Bridget Jones’s Diary released?



Letters: Maid Toe Tv 

Answer: Motivated 

Clue: Provided someone with a reason to do it.