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Quiz Number #467

Round 1 

1. Spelling: PLAYWRIGHT (a person who writes plays)

2. In commercial branding, what do the letters DKNY mean? Donkey | Donna Karan New York < | Doner Kebab. No, Yes?
Donna Karan New York

3. If you were to sort the 12 zodiac signs into an alphabetical list – which would be 2nd last?

4. Who married Boris Johnson in 2021?
Carrie Symonds

5. Which park is the home of the World Pipe Band Championships?
Glasgow Green

6. What is the common name given in English-speaking countries to the national day of France on 14th of July? (Fête nationale française
Bastille Day

7. How many vertices does a cube have?
8 (vertice is corners where edge meet)

8. Who wrote this opening line: “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.”?
George Orwell

9. Players per team on court at the same time. Netball team + Basketball team = ?
12 (7 in Netball + 5 basketball)

10. Deansgate Square, formerly known as Owen Street, is a skyscraper cluster in which city?

Round 2 


1. Actor Link – who starred in all of these: Cliffhanger | Villain | EastEnders | Rise of the Footsoldier
Craig Fairbrass

2. Audio clip – Madonna song title: “Don’t go for second best, baby. Put your love to the test”?
Express Yourself

3. Which video game series follows the exploits of outlaw Arthur Morgan set in the Wild West?
Red Dead

4. The singer Pink performed the song “Tell Me Something Good” on which animated film? Happy Feet < | Over The Hedge | Sing
Happy Feet

5. TV: How many players make up a team in Eggheads?


1. Which MV is the F1 World Champion?
Max Verstappen

2. Big Ben chimes what QB at half-past the hour?
Quarter Bell

3. 12 Downing Street is traditionally used as the office of which CW?
Chief Whip

4. Which JB was a Clydebank shipyard that built the QE2?
John Brown

5. On the Win32 console on a Windows computer, cmd.exe opens which CP?
Command Prompt 

Final Round 

1. What year does MDCCCLXXXVI represent in Roman Numerals?

2. Which FH is a flavour of Monster Munch that comes in a red packet?
Flamin Hot

3. The “Durand Line” forms the border between which two countries? (usa-can / isr-jord / ns kor
Pakistan | Afghanistan

4. Arlene Foster was the leader of which political party?
DUP (Democratic Unionist Party)

5. On a home network, which of these will most likely start with the following numbers 192.168? Subnet Mask | NetBIOS | Default Gateway <
Default Gateway

6. Who released a best selling book in 2010 called “A Journey”? Clinton | Blair | Mandella | O’Leary
Tony Blair

7. Which of these is bigger. Planck or Parsec. Both are distance / length measurements.
Parsec (= 3.26 light-years whereas other is around the billionths of a meter)

8. Austin Butler is an actor best known for playing the title role in which  biographical film?

Tie break: 

Age Austin Butler now + age of Elvis when he died?
73 (31 + 42) 


Tiny Clear

Of Course