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Quiz Number #460

Round 1 


2. Every year 10s of thousands of people head for the Spanish town of Buñol to do what? Run From Bulls | Throw Tomatos | Salsa Dance
Throw Tomatoes

3. When chossing a horse and reading the form, what do the letters BD mean?
Brought Down

4. What age was Henry VI of England when he became king? 8 months old or 80 years old.
8 Months

5. Which two drinks combine to make a Snakebite?
Beer and Cider

6. Dachshund is a breed of dog. What does the German word Dachs mean? Badger | Sausage | Dutch

7. In mathematics, Half base times height is used to calculate the area of a what? A=0.5bh

8. In Ofgems price cap system, which is more expensive, 1 unit or gas or 1 unit electricity? 7p 28p (Unit = KWh)

9. Which song includes this verse “The lovely beach and the sky, The moon of Hawaii, The rum calypso sarong, We’ll all be singing this song”?

10. The Royal Mint is based (HQ and production) in which UK nation? Eng, Scot, NI Wales

Round 2 


1. In which decade was the first “Now That’s What I Call Music” album released?


3. What was the title of the 2nd Indiana Jones film?
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

4. Complete the third name in this song writing trio… Holland–Dozier–

5. Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu’s song Frisky was used in a Bacardi advert. What is his stage name?
Tinie Tempah 


1. What PD is a jersey worn by the King of the Mountains?
Polka Dot

2. Which AG was a Bond villain played on screen by Gert Fröbe?
Auric Goldfinger

3. For over 50 years, McVitie’s have produced a cake called what JG?
Jamaica Ginger

4. Manchester has Piccadilly. Edinburgh has Waverley. Birmingham has what NS?
New Street

5. Which TC struck Pollard’s Rock following a navigational error in 1967?
Torrey Canyon 

Final Round 

1. 1000 Guineas Stakes is one of Britain’s five Classic races. Where is it run?
Rowley Mile – Newmarket

2. Which is the only number to have the same spelling in both English and French?

3. Which word can describe a period of time or be used to describe the length of 9 inches?

4. Bergen, Stavanger & Trondheim are some of the largest cities in which country?

5. What is the full title of the novel by Oscar Wilde with Dorian Gray in the title?
The Picture of Dorian Gray

6. Which painting by René Magritte is of a man with an apple covering his face?
The Son Of Man

7. Earth’s atmosphere is composed of about 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen & 0.9 percent what?

8. How many dice are used in a game of Diplomacy?

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Clue: A person who designs buildings