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Quiz Number #454

Round 1 

1. GCHQ are based in  “The Doughnut”. What does GCHQ stand for?
Government Communications Headquarters 

2. In boxing, which of these weights is closest in weight to Heavyweight? Bantamweight | Welterweight < | Flyweight

3. Name a film based on a Roald Dalh book that has a colour in the title?
James and the Giant Peach (a pale colour between pink and orange)

4. The flag of which island has a triskelion, composed of three armoured legs with golden spurs, upon a red background?
Isle Of Man

5. Which of these was not a proffesional dart player:  John Lowe | Gary Anderson | Larry Bird
Larry Bird

6. What was the surname of the only father & son British Prime Ministers?

7. The concept of attaching sound files in RSS feeds, to make available to download is known as what?

8. Sort these into the order they were written, earliest first? Lion King |King Lear | King Kong
Lear > Kong > Lion

9. Which tenor won the very first series of  ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent ?
Paul Potts

10. TF: In 2019 Procter & Gamble released a new brand to go with their successful Head & Shoulders range. It’s a body wash called Knees & Toes.


Round 2 


1. Which one of these was not made by Pixar Animation Studios? Cars | The Incredibles | Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs <
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs <

2. Audio – Mrs Doubtfire

3. TV: Which actor played Major George Cowley?
Gordon Jackson

4. What is the next line in this Abba song “If you change your mind. I’m the first in line. Honey, I’m still free”
Take A Chance On Me

5. Who is married to Michael Douglas?
Catherine Zeta-Jones 


1. Which DB would be fitted by an orthodontist?
Dental Braces

2. Which DH was an early type of balance bike invented by Karl Drais?
Dandy Horse

3. What MM is a A French dish made from cooked mussels and onions in a white wine marinade?
Moules Marinières

4. Which JR might a Pirate Ship fly?
Jolly Roger

5. Which DS describes a medium-dry Champagne?

Final Round 

1. In 1980, B&Q bought over which chain of Scottish DIY stores and changed their name to B&Q?
Dodge City

2. Anatomy, what is another name for the “Omphalos”?

3. What kind of transport is a barouche? Boat | Sledge | Carraige

4. Which pigmant gives vegetation their green colour?

5. DB Cooper is famous for stealing money before escaping out the back of a what?
A Plane

6. Sir Samuel J. Browne gives his name to which peice of military uniform? Bag | Boots | Belt

7. Mohsin and Zuber Issa are billionaire brothers who own a majority stake in which of the big 4 supermarkets?

8. Sternutation is the action of what?

Tie break: 

The BBC currently operate 2 regional radio stations in Scotland. How many regional BBC stations are there in England? BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio nan Gàidheal 


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