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Quiz Number #434

Round 1 

1. Spelling: cannoning. Firing a big gun at something.

2. Superheroes: The Penguin is one of who’s oldest, most persistent enemies?

3. What kind of drink is Diamond White? Beer | Cider | Energy

4. Boxing: Are the Klitschko brothers twins?

5. Which magazine provide USA with official lists that track the currently most popular songs and albums in various different genres?

6. The privatisation of British Rail happened during which decade?

7. What is an Ice Hockey puck made of? Metal | Wood | Rubber

8. A recording studio technician may use a VU meter. What do the letters stand for?
Volume Unit

9. What is the German word for milk? Milch | Baum | Latviele

10. On clothing labels, what does the symbol mean that is a triangle with a cross through it?
Do Not Bleach


Round 2 


1. What was the occupation of Phil Connors, played by Bill Murray in the film Groundhog Day?

2. Audio: The Bill

3. The Colbys was a spin off of which TV soap opera?

4. Marshall Bruce Mathers III is the real name of which rapper?

5. “When the Whistle Blows” is the show-within-a-show in which sitcom?


1. In The Chase, before a contestant plays Head-to-Head, they play which CB round?
Cash Builder

2. Alcatraz Island is located in which bay of which SF?
San Francisco

3. Which MA was signed by the leaders of Germany, France, Italy & UK on 30 September 1938?
Munich Agreement

4. Mike Wazowski learns to become a Scarer in which MU?
Monsters University

5. Which GG did Sega release in 1990 to compete with Nintendo’s Game Boy?
Game Gear 

Final Round 

1. There was a 1 hour time difference between the joint hosts of Euro 2012. Which 2 countries were these?
Poland | Ukraine

2. Ascorbic acid is an agent known as Vitamin what?
Vit C

3. Which of these actors was born in a place called Port Talbot? Robbie Coltrane | Anthony Hopkins | Michael Caine
Anthony Hopkins

4. Which of these Scottish islands lies furthest south? Lewis | Skye | Mull | Jura
Jura <

5. Which one of these countries is not landlocked: Czech Republic | Slovakia | Slovenia

6. Of all the elements names in the periodic table – what is last alphabetically?

7. Founded in France in 1882, the FIE are the governing body of which sport?
Fencing – Fédération Internationale d’Escrime

8. Which of these is not a type of monkey? Squirrel | Spider | Owl | Turtle <


Tie break:  

Tie Break: What is the record for the most people onboard the International Space Station? 


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