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Quiz Number #432

Round 1

1. Spelling: (amorous) Chinook
Boeing tandem rotor helicopter.

2. In which 1958 number 1 hit by Connie Francis, does Connie describe the Greek god of love, thick?
Stupid Cupid

3. What kind of drum shares it’s name with a Dutch geolocation technology and consumer electronics maker?
Tom Tom

4. Y / N : Is Men’s Netball competed at the Commonwealth Games?

5. With the origins from honoring which Roman goddess Juno, complete this saying: “Wearing your heart”…”
on your sleeve

6. Frankie Knuckles played an important role in popularizing which genre of music? Reggae | House | Punk | Blues

7. The dodo is an extinct flightless bird that once lived on which island?

8. Tom Dean, Duncan Scott Freya Anderson & Kathleen Dawson all compete in which sport?

9. Which TV presenter won a talent show called The Big Big Talent Show with Jonathan Ross, and as a result, in 1997 performed at the Royal Variety Performance while still working as a Butlins redcoat?
Stephen Mulhern

10. Which of these cities is in South Yorkshire? Leeds | Bradford | Sheffield

Round 2 


1. George Michael and Mary J. Blige duetted on a cover of which Stevie Wonder song?

2. Audio – of the gladiators

3. Which Ridley Scott film has Matt Damon trapped alone on another planet?
The Martian

4. TF: The boardroom scenes in The Apprentice are actually filmed within a custom-built set at TV studios behind B&Q?
True (Black Island Studios) 

5. At the End of the Day, Lovely Ladies & I Dreamed a Dream are all songs from which musical?
Les Misérables 


1. Margaret Anne Lake was better known as which MM, a resident astrologer on the National Lottery?
Mystic Meg

2. Hazelnut Swirl, Caramel Softy & Surprise Parcel can all be found in which MT?
Milk Tray

3. Which NH requires horses to jump fences and ditches while racing?
National Hunt

4. The Southern Lights is called what?
Aurora Australis

5. Which LB is the oldest championship award in British professional boxing?
Lonsdale Belt 

Final Round 

1. Do Switzerland have an armed forces?

2. Sort these into order of first to enter operation: Earliest 1st: Tees-Tyne Pullman | Mallard | Flying Scotsman
Flying Scotsman – Mallard – Tees-Tyne Pullman

3. Odessa is a Ukrainian city on the northwestern shore of which sea?
Black Sea

4. Who was the first presenter of Stars In Their Eyes? Matthew Kelly | Leslie Crowther | Bob Monkhouse
Leslie Crowther

5. Who wrote the best selling novel “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest”?
Stieg Larsson

6. The four natural states of matter are: Solids, liquids, gases and what?

7. The janka chart, or janka test, determines the hardness of what?

8. Deductable: List any of the 4 most recent main sponsors of The Grand National?
Randox Health – Crabbies – John Smiths – Martell 


Countdown –  

Assure Hut 


There’s no other word for it. If there was, this is where you’d look. 

Tie Break: George Michael & Mary J Blige had a top 10 hit with As in which year?