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Quiz Number #419

Round 1 

1. Spelling: Liquefy. Liquefy the jam by heating until it liquefies.

2. President Macron is the French president. What’s his first name?

3. Prince, Madonna, Beyonce, Queen, Osmonds & Kiss have all had a hit with which work in the title?

4. If you searched for Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure, you would find information and pictures of what?

5. Which town have a football club that are named after the Scottish outlaw Rob Roy?

6. Which of these won the Turner Prize. Gilbert & George | Topsy & Tim | Renee & Renato
Gilbert & George

7. Recognised by music lovers across the world, what is the name of the dog in the HMV logo?

8. Battledore an early game similar to that of modern what?

9. What is the translation of the French word Sec? (think i’ve seen that on bottles of wine and champagne)

10. The Disney film Bambi was brought out in which decade. 40’s, 50’s, 60s.
1940’s (1942) 

Round 2 


1. Lyrics: Which song opens with the words: “I feel so unsure. As I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor. As the music dies, something in your eyes”?
Careless Whisper

2. audio clip – Airforce One

3. TV: Who played criminal psychologist  Dr Edward “Fitz” Fitzgerald?
Robbie Coltrane

4. Who played Dr. Dolittle in the 1998 film?
Eddie Murphy

5. Which guitarist co-founded Chic along with Bernard Edwards?
Nile Rodgers 


1. Which TB is an iconic arch landmark in Newcastle?
Tyne Bridge

2. Which MA lasted approximately from the 5th to the late 15th centuries?
Middle Ages

3. Which FS is a branch of the Met Police that investigate robberies?
Flying Squad

4. The tallest freestanding structure in the UK is known as what EM?
Emley Moor

5. James Hargreaves was an English weaver born in 1720, who invented which SJ?
Spinning Jenny 

Final Round 

1. Crossword clue: 7 letters. 1st L. 6th letter G. Often referred to as a diamond – a form of rhombus but not strictly fixed.

2. What was the Roman word for a public square or marketplace, now used as a term for an online space for sharing ideas?

3. Which of the armed forces would send their recruits for training at Cranwell college? RAF,Royal Navy, British Army?

4. Schutzstaffel is a German word meaning what?
Rules are everything | Cold Sausage | Protection Squad <

5. Aberdeen | Arbroath | Peterhead. Sort into order. Most northerley 1st.
Peterhead ; Aberdeen ; Arbroath

6. In golf, what term means “to be ahead by as many holes as are left to be played”?

7. Republic of Maldives, is an archipelagic country situated in which ocean?
Indian Ocean

8. What name is given to the fruit of the Oak tree?


Countdown –  

Some Crabs  

Supporting structure placed between walls to hold the roof up. 

Tie Break:  

How much taller is the Emley Moor Tower than The Shard?