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Quiz Number #414

Round 1 

1. Spelling – fluorescent

2. Which Windows operating system succeeded Windows XP and preceded Windows 7?

3. In which film did Tom Hanks play the part of a FedEx troubleshooter called Chuck Noland?
Cast Away

4. What was the name of the lanky, awkward, eldest son of Maw & Paw Broon in The Broons?
Hen (Henry)

5. It’s been illegal to use your mobile phone to make a call while driving since 2003. Are you allowed to take a photograph?

6. ISA – Intelligent Speed Assistance system & ABS Anti lock brake brake systems are now standard in all new cars. Soon all cars will be fitted with ALKS as standard. What does ALKS stand for?
Automatic Lane Keeping System

7. Before the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991, what was the capital?

8. Ofgem regulate energy companies, Ofsted regulate education. Which governement approved body regulate postal services such as Royal Mail?

9. In British musical usage, the 5 line staff is known as what?

10. Tornado or hurricane. Which usually forms over the sea and can last for weeks as opposed to the other which usually forms over land and can last up to an hour?

Round 2 


1. Wham were a pop duo consisting of George Michael and who?
Andrew Ridgeley.

2. Audio clip – Neil Oliver

3. Adele has a new album coming out rumoured to be called 30. Her previous albums were called 21 and 25 but what was the name of her first album?

4. What was the name of the 1992 sequel to the film Honey, I Shrunk the Kids?
Honey I Blew Up The Kids

5. Which TV soap started out with 3 families,  the Ramsays, the Robinsons and the Clarkes?


1. Which GM trained horses such as Amberleigh House & Red Rum?
Ginger McCain

2. Which BG is a flavour of Barrs fizzy drink that is blue in colour?
Bubble Gum

3. Which SW was a sub-genre of cowboy films, that were produced in Europe?
Spaghetti Western

4. Which SQ is a South Korean survival drama which has become Netflix’s most-watched program ever?
Squid Game

5. Which JH is a snooker player who has won four World Championship titles over the years?
John Higgins 

Final Round 

1. The first inter-city railway in the world ran steam powered locomotives between which two cities?
Liverpool Manchester

2. What name is given to the liquid part of the blood?

3. Which football club in the Scottish Premier Lg are located furthest north?
Ross County

4. Which song opens with the line “I thought love was only true in fairy tales”
I’m a Believer

5. In the Isle of Man, who currently holds the title Lord of Mann?

6. TF. Muhammad Ali spent over 2 years in prison for refusing draft for the Vietnam War.

7. TF: Until a cucumber reaches 5″ in size, it is called a gherkin.

8. TF: In all winter & summer Olympic sports, Speed Skating is the fastest. Humans do not travel any faster in any other sport.
FALSE (Downhill Skier) then bobsleigh 


Countdown –  

Claims Hob – Shambolic 

chaotic, disorganized, or mismanaged. 

Tie Break:  

How long (miles) was the (L&MR) Liverpool and Manchester railway, first operated in the 1830’s? 

31 miles