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Quiz Number #423

Round 1 

1. Spelling – deliberately

2. What does PS stand for at the end of a letter?

3. Fiona Bruce took over from who to become moderator and presenter of Question Time?
David Dimbleby

4. Which newspaper was responsible for breaking the story on MP’s Expenses in 2009?

5. What is the only captial city to feature as a word in the NATO phonetic alphabet?

7. Name the last 3 different Scottish sports personalities to win BBC Sports Pers Year?
Andy Murray | Chris Hoy | Liz McColgan

7. How many World Drivers’ Championship titles has Lewis Hamilton won?

8. Which fictional planet is home to the Daleks?

9. In which English county is Buckfast Abbey?

10. Which England player left Liverpool to join Real Madrid in 1999?
Steve McManaman 

Round 2 


1. Who directed the award winning film Gangs of New York?
Martin Scorsese  

2. Audio clip – Superman

3. Which film told the story of the Battle of Rorke’s Drift?

4. TV: Patrick Clifton is better known as who?
Postman Pat

5. Name the 3rd act to win Eurovision Contest for Britain?
Brotherhood of Man 


1. The Sega Genesis, was also known as what MD?
Mega Drive

2. The cooking term Sautéing can translate to what PF in English?
Pan Fry

3. Which DM has starred in films such as The Wedding Singer, Charlie’s Angels & ET?
Drew Barrymore

4. Which DD wrote Robinson Crusoe?
Daniel Defoe

5. Which BP became the principal centre of Allied code-breaking during the Second World War?
Bletchley Park 

Final Round 

1. Roman numerals CC – XLIV = ? (200-44=156)

2. What are the names of Margaret Thatcher’s two children?
Mark & Carol

3. All Thoroughbred racehorses have the same official birthday unless they live in different hemispheres?

4. In which 1959 Disney film does Prince Phillip come to the rescue?
Sleeping Beauty

5. Christina Aguilera’s surname in Spanish means “Tasty Tart”.

6. Which of these towns lies furthest north – Nottingham, Leicester – Milton Keynes
Nottingham <

7. Ulrich Salchow was a  Danish-born Swedish sportsman who dominated which sport in the early part of the 20th century?
Figure Skating

8. What was the name of Edmund Hillary’s companion when they conquered Everest in 1953?
Tenzing Norgay


Countdown –  

Man Rights 


A length of tissue behind your knee that gets injured. 

Tie Break:  

In which year did Lewis Hamilton win his first Formula One World Championship title?