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Quiz Number #421

Round 1 

1. Spelling: coveted
The both competed for the coveted prize.

2. Since 2008, when you advertise your property for sale, you must include EPC information in the advert. What does EPC stand for?
Energy Performance Certificate

3. Dogs: A cross breed between a Beagle & a Pug is called what?

4. RGB is a colour mode that is used for graphics on screens rather than for print. What do the letters RGB stand for?
Red, Green and Blue

5. Which beetle has jaws that resemble antlers?
Stag Beetle

6. Which of these years saw 3 monarchs on the British throne? 1910, 1929, 1936, 1952

7. Mateus Rosé is a wine produced in which country?

8. Which of these metlals would have a stronger attraction to a magnet? iron | Gold

9. Bernhard Langer from Germany is famous in which sport?

10. TF: The airport in the city of Grafton, New South Wales, Australia is called – Lester Piggott Airport?

Round 2 


1. Elton John duetted with which singer on the song “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”?
Kiki Dee

2. Audio Clip – Taxi

3. Which film director has productions such as King Kong, Lord Of The Rings and a documentary film called They Shall Not Grow Old on his CV?
Peter Jackson

4. Who provided the original voice of Bob The Builder?
Neil Morrissey

5. Who played the title role in the 2012 film Lincoln?
Daniel Day-Lewis 


1. Which GK married Prince Rainier III in April 1956?
Grace Kelly

2. Wayne Rooney is the manager of which DC?
Derby County

3. In Scotland, Kibble Palace is located within which BG?
Botanic Gardens

4. The lines “I did what I had to do. I saw it through without exemption” are from which MW?
My Way

5. Theatres that still use old rope stage rigging are known as what HH?
Hemp House 

Final Round 

1. In snooker, the maximum break under normal circumstances is 147. In total the black ball is potted how many times?
16 times.

2. A goliath, is the name of the largest species of what? Frog – Pig – Hamster

3. The swiftwalker, developed by German Inventor Karl von Drais in 1817 is regarded as the first type of what?

4. TF – St Andrew is the Patron Saint of Russia ?

5. Who is the author of one of this year’s best selling books called “Diddly Squat”
Jeremy Clarkson

6. What is a filburt? Kilt – Nut – Shelf

7. The wild Jaguar is native to which of these areas of the world? Americas – Asia – Africa

8. What was the Leaning Tower of Pisa built for?
Library – Bell Tower < – Prison tower


Countdown –  

Latch Loop 

Photocall – A time arranged to let the press take their pictures. 

Tie Break:  

In which year did Elton John get his first solo UK number 1 song?