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Quiz Number #063

True false Jack Daniel, the founder of the American whiskey, was born in Wales. FALSE There is no M2 motorway in Britain. FALSE Elephants are herbivores. TRUE The Moon rotates around its own axis. TRUE Yoda appears in all 6 Star Wars films. FALSE Cartoon characters DonkeyHe-ManOlive OylHarold helicopterZazu Movies Charlie and the Chocolate Factory […]

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Quiz Number #061

True false When Kirsty MacColl first wrote the song Fairytale Of New York, she initially wanted to perform the song with U2, but they were unavailable. FALSE A bee has 4 wings. TRUE The Muppets were banned in Saudi Arabia, because one of the stars is a pig? TRUE In Scrabble the letter K is […]

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Quiz Number #060

True false Fabio Capello has never played football professionally? FALSE This is how you spell Proffessionally. FALSE The feathers pictured on the tails side of a 2 pence coin are ostrich feathers. TRUE There are no rivers running through Paris. FALSE The sunflower is the world’s fastest growing plan. FALSE Media MixWorld Food Panna cotta […]

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Quiz Number #059

True false Chip shop man Harry Ramsden’s nephew devised Sooty, the puppet. TRUE Greeks cannot pronounce Dallas, so the TV show had to be renamed Texas when shown in Greece. FALSE The clocks don’t change for daylight saving in Portugal. FALSE With over 20 Top 10 hits, ABBA only reached No.1 with their final hit […]

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Quiz Number #058

True false The M in IBM stands for Machines. TRUE Before becomming a singer, Rod Stewart was a grave digger. TRUE The NHS in Wales is called GIG. True Instant Coffee was invented by Nescafé. FALSE Nick Clegg’s nickname at school was “Rentboy”.FALSE Media Mix – Moons Which pop star invaded the stage and mooned […]

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Quiz Number #056

True false The author of Treasure Island also invented the railway. FALSE A TV license is required to watch pre-recorded programs on BBC iPlayer. FALSE David Cameron’s middle name is Rupert. FALSE Former Danish goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel appeared in TV commercials for Danepak bacon. TRUE The buzzing sound from a bee is often the sound […]

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Quiz Number #055

True or false Kazakhstan is more than 10 times larger than the UK in area. TRUE Black pepper is a fruit. TRUE An elephant is the only animal to have four knees. TRUE TYPEWRITE is the longest word that can be spelt using only the letters on one row of a qwerty keyboard. FALSE The […]

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Quiz Number 052

True or false Biscuitness is listed in the Oxford Dictionary with the definition “the quality or state of being crunchy.” FALSE The word vodka comes from the Slavic word for water, voda. TRUE This is how you spell Mississippi. TRUE Looking down from the north pole we would see the Moon orbiting counterclockwise from west […]

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Quiz Number 051

True or false The Roman name for Ireland was Paddierra.FALSE Of the murder weapons in Cluedo, the Dagger is first alphabetically.FALSE Afghanistan is the only country to have a capital city starting with a K?FALSE This is how you spell separately?TRUE Bats can swim faster than dolphins.FALSE Movies The Color Purple JFK Shark Tale The […]

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