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Quiz Number #381

Chase Which NE presented Deal or No Deal on TV? Noel Edmonds Which HT will compete in the eng Premier League this season? Huddersfield Town To study formal speaking in pronunciation & grammar, you might take which EL? Elocution Lessons In bingo, the number 80 is often called as which GB? Gandhi’s Breakfast ATM stands […]

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Quiz Number #380

Chase What does the score need to be for the umpire to call for a tie-break in a tennis match? 4-4 5-5 6-6 < Who is The President of the European Commission? Juncker < Jonker Janker If a term is “ovine” it relates to what? Sheep < Past tense Universe Who provides the voice of […]

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Quiz Number #379

Chase School’s Out (For Summer) was a song first recorded by which who? Alice Cooper < Cliff Richard John Lennon The logo for Amnesty International features barbed wire wrapped around (a) what? Candle < Dove Glove The pope is traditionally guarded by soldiers from what country? Switzerland < Austria Romania Eye of the Tiger, a […]

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Quiz Number #378

Chase The abrupt cutoff of a substance dependence is known as “Cold…” What? Chicken Duck Turkey < If an actor makes a posthumous appearanc in a film, what does this mean? They weren’t funny Did all their own stunts The actor’s died < According to an old old superstition, how many years of bad luck […]

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Quiz Number #377

Chase What “T” is a roof covering made of straw, reeds, or a similar material? Thatched < Twatched Tashed How many carats are there in pure gold? 12 24 < 48 Boxing: Who knocked out Makabu to win the WBC title at Goodison Park? Tony Bellew < Anthony Joshua David Haye Quotes: Who said: “And […]

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Quiz Number #376

Chase When was the last General Election held in the UK (prior to 2017)? 2008 2010 2015 < How many separate scoring sections are there on a dart board? 40 61 82 < Kelvinbridge subway station is located next to which river? River Clyde River Kelvin < Tay What is the word for “Thank You” […]

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Quiz Number #375

Chase Uluru is a famous Australian landmark that used to be called what? Ayers Rock < Opera House Great Barrier Reef Which dessert base is made from made from whipped egg whites and sugar? Meringues < Shortbread Mousse Bees do not collect which of these 3 things? Nectar Pollen Honey < What is Prince Harry’s […]

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Quiz Number #374

Chase Where might you find The Hillary Step? Mount Everest < Line Dancing Routine Downing Street What is Sweden in Swedish? Sverige < Svansk Svandiland Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of which car maker? Toyota < Ford BMW How many of The Beatles lived into the 21st century? 2 3 < 4 The chorus […]

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Quiz Number #373

Chase What is the main ingredient of Salsa? Tomatoes < Potatoes Sherry Out of 26 – What position did Great Britain finish in Eurovision Song Contest? 2 15 < 26 Which actor has starred in all of these films – The Golden Compass – Cowboys & Aliens – Layer Cake? Daniel Craig < Liam Neeson […]

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