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Quiz Number #387

CHASE   In the Monsters, Inc. film series, how many eyes does Sullivan have? 1 2 < 3 Spelling: How many i’s in irresistible? 2 3 < 4 What nationality is golfer Bernhard Langer? German < Swedish Dutch History: Emily Davison was famous for jumping in front of what? Horses < A Train A Bus […]

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Quiz Number #386

CHASE   Domestic radios used vacuum tubes before what was invented? Transistor < Transformer Transmistor Which ferry company operate a line from the south of Cairnryan to Larne, NI? P&O Ferries< Stena Line Brittany Ferries Which famous street is mentioned in the opening verse of Rhinestone Cowboy? Broadway < Michigan Avenue Canyon Road 1990s Timeline; […]

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Quiz Number #385

Blockbusters Which breed of dog is nicknamed “sausage dog”? Dachshund< Beagle Poodle Who created the Invictus Games? Seb Coe Prince Harry < Barack Obama Corsica is an island which is owned by which country? France < Italy Portugal In 2024 which city will become the second city after London to host the Olympic Games three […]

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Quiz Number #384

Blockbusters Which TH voiced Woody in Toy Story? Tom Hanks Which FH was banned in the 2000’s due to animal cruelty? Fox hunting Which EC is Scotland’s most-visited paid tourist attraction? Edinburgh Castle Who is the lead singer of Scottish rock pop group Texas? Sharleen Spiteri Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are known collectively […]

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Quiz Number #383

Blockbusters Which CP is a word challenge often found in newspapers? Crosswrod Puzzle Which BS is a former model, actress and ex-wife of Andre Agassi? Brooke Shields < Jodie Whittaker will become the 13th what – DW? Dr Who A bag containing which MD was sold for $1.8m at a New York auction last week? […]

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Quiz Number #382

Chase Which RB is hosting The Open 2017? Royal Birkdale What GP is pictured in the logo of the World Wildlife Fund? Giant Panda Which M&M is Eminem’s real name? Marshall Mathers Which QL was a science fiction TV series about Dr. Sam Beckett and his best friend Al? Quantum Leap Horseshoe, American & Bridal […]

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Quiz Number #381

Chase Which NE presented Deal or No Deal on TV? Noel Edmonds Which HT will compete in the eng Premier League this season? Huddersfield Town To study formal speaking in pronunciation & grammar, you might take which EL? Elocution Lessons In bingo, the number 80 is often called as which GB? Gandhi’s Breakfast ATM stands […]

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Quiz Number #380

Chase What does the score need to be for the umpire to call for a tie-break in a tennis match? 4-4 5-5 6-6 < Who is The President of the European Commission? Juncker < Jonker Janker If a term is “ovine” it relates to what? Sheep < Past tense Universe Who provides the voice of […]

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Quiz Number #379

Chase School’s Out (For Summer) was a song first recorded by which who? Alice Cooper < Cliff Richard John Lennon The logo for Amnesty International features barbed wire wrapped around (a) what? Candle < Dove Glove The pope is traditionally guarded by soldiers from what country? Switzerland < Austria Romania Eye of the Tiger, a […]

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