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Quiz Number #543

Round 1

1. Spelling: EXCRUCIATING (pain)

2. What are the surnames of the 2x Lukes that competed in the final of the 2024 PDC World Darts Championship?
Luke Littler & Luke Humphries

3. Eastenders clip. How many dooshes have we cut out before this clip? (audio clip)

4. Which of these seaside towns is on the South coast about 25 miles from Portsmouth? Bognor Regis | St Ives | Whitby
Bognor Regis

5. On an archery target, what colour ring is next outside of the blue?

6. Which company were the “worlds biggest booksellers” before Amazon, and still operates over 600 stores across America?
Barnes & Noble

7. Name the song title? (slowed down music clip)

8. MV Glen Rosa is a long overdue ferry built by the nationalised shipyard of Scotland, launched in April 2024. What does the MV stand for?
Merchant Vessels

9. Which of these tools is used for measuring sea surface temperature? Hygrometer | Barometer  | Anemometer  | Thermometer <

10. Which Italian first name is the equivalent to English Hank, and was the fist name of the founder of a famous Italian car maker?

11. In British Sign Language (BSL) what letter of the alphabet is finger spelt by making both of your hands into fists with your thumbs tucked in, and place your dominant fist on top of your base fist?

12. Which of these has the most legs? Grasshopper | Lobster < | Wasp
Lobster (10)

Final Round


1. Maynards Bassett is a dual brand company that produce which JB?
Jelly Babies

2. What VF was named by Scottish missionary David Livingstone in 1855?
Victoria Falls

3. Keanu Reeves was the voice actor for which DB in Toy Story 4?
Duke Caboom

4. Jacob Kiplimo holds the IAAF world record for which HM?
Half Marathon

5. Which BF is a short story or poem in which animals talk?
Beast Fable

Final 5

6. Which European Union member country has the smallest population?

7. The lunula is the white crescent-shaped area at the base of what?
Fingernail (or toenail)

8. Which of these famous artists died in 1989? Pablo Picasso | Salvador Dalí | Andy Warhol
Salvador Dalí

9. Which singer received 7 Brit Award nominations this year (2024), breaking the record most nominations in 1 year?

10. Gene Kelly starred as Donald “Don” Lockwood in which 1952 musical film?
Singin’ in the Rain





Clue: All the plants and animals that live together.

Tie Break

Tie Break : On  1 April 2024, the TV licence fee anual cost for a colour TV rose by how much?


Bonus Guess The Year


Deal or No Deal airs on UK TV for the very first time. Prince Charles marries Camilla Parker Bowles. Liverpool beat AC Milan on penalties to win the Champions League in Istanbul. Live 8 concerts are held ahead of the G8 Summit in Gleneagles.

James Blunt – You’re Beautiful

Shakira featuring Wyclef Jean – Hips Don’t Lie


In Texas Hold’em poker, a Straight beats a Flush?

Dens Park is the only pitch in Scottish professional football to have a synthetic pitch?

Calvin Harris’s Uncle Keith had a top 5 hit in 1981 with “Orville’s Song”?

The telephone number will connect you directly to “NHS 24” is 101?

The novels Nineteen Eighty-Four & Animal Farm were written by Eric Blair?