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Sound Bites – Pub Quiz Audio Clips

Sound Bites are a great way to add something extra to your pub quiz.

This series of audio clips are designed to be used as one-off questions for your pub quiz.

There’s a mixture of subjects from film, sport, music & TV. We have mystery voices including presidents and sports commentators, the are film clips and cartoon characters.

Sound Bites – Part 1

Sound Bites – Part 1 – ANSWERS

Sound Bites – Part 2

Sound Bites – Part 2 – ANSWERS

New Audio Clip Quiz Questions

This post will updated occasionally so be sure and check back in from time to time when new audio-clip-rounds are uploaded.

Here’s a link to our YouTube channel.

Fair Use Copyright

Please note that the copyright for the clips used remains the property of the copyright owner. These clips in context are used purely as “Fair dealing”. The YouTube channel that I have used to host these files is non-monetized. If you decide to use these clips yourself, these should not be distributed or monetized without the permission of the copyright holder.

Free Resources For Quiz Hosts

The purpose of this entire website is simple. To provide free resources and ideas for quiz hosts.

There is no paywall or purchase option to buy questions. Just free content and ideas, updated every week.

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Software For Pub Quiz Audio Clips

I highly recommend using PlayIt Cartwall for playing sound effects and audio clips during a quiz.

Link to download PlayIt Cartwall

Read our earlier post about running the right software for music and sound effects during your quiz presentation.