Quiz of the Week

Quiz Of The Week (Ending 25th June 2024)

This week we cover “Tory Betting“, “Julian Assange” and more…

Week Ending 25th June 2024.

1 . Taylor Swift has this week posted a selfie with which 3 royals?

2 . Passengers at which airport were this week facing huge delays due to a major power cut?

3 . A forest fire was started on which Greek island due to fireworks being set off by a yacht?

4 . Which executive, non-departmental public body of the Government of the UK, has begun investigating Conservative officials over breaking rules this week?

5 . Juventus have this week announced that they have reached an agreement with Aston Villa over a deal for which Brazilian player?

6 . The June full Moon (first full moon of the summer) is also known as what SM?

7 . Donald Sutherland sadly passed this week. He starred in a 1970 film called MAS*H. What do those letters stand for?

8 . Royal Mail has released some special stamps to mark the 60th anniversary of which team?

9 . Molly Caudery, this week set a new British women’s record in which athletics event?

10 . Julian Assange this week was released from UK prison and flown to which destination country?

ANSWERS: Quiz Of The Week (Ending 25th June 2024)

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