Quiz of the Week

Quiz Of The Week (Ending 9th July 2024)

This week we cover “General Election“, “Euro 24” and more…

Week Ending 9th July 2024.

1 . What is the name of the wife of the Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer?

2 . What time is the Wimbledon curfew when play has to stop at the end of day? (note to quiz hosts – run this question early because it’ll probably be on the telly in the pub).

3 . What is the name of the current cat & Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office at 10 Downing Street since 2011?

4 . Which retailer took the top prize at the Grocer Gold Awards 2024, meaning M&S didn’t win the prize for the first time in nearly two decades?

5 . This week, Aljaž Škorjanec has announced he will be back on which TV show in the UK?

6 . Publicans have expressed outrage against which food retail business, when they broadcast a “disgraceful” TV ad during the Euros which encourages people to stay at home and watch football?

7 . Which US singer has broken a new UK chart record by having songs at number one and number two for 3 weeks running?

8 . Which England player has become an internet viral-sensation by scoring against Switzerland in a penalty shoot-out, without even looking at the ball when taking his shot?

9 . Despite it’s appearance, the door on 10 Downing Street doesn’t have a letterbox. It’s a brass plate with which 5 words engraved on it?

10 . Linda De Sousa Abreu has made news headlines for being accused of “naughties” in which London prison?

Bonus: Tie Breaker of the week.

Tie Break: Liz Truss lost her seat in Parliament. When was the last year that a former PM lost their seat in Parliament at a General Election?

ANSWERS: Quiz Of The Week (Ending 9th July 2024)

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