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Quiz Of The Week (Ending 2nd July 2024)

This week we cover “Glastonbury“, “Wimbledon” and more…

Week Ending 2nd July 2024.

1 . Adverse weather including lightning and heavy rain caused Germany and Denmark’s last-16 Euros tie to be suspended for a time in which city?

2 . Whose election rally was interrupted by Led By Donkeys with a beaming picture of Putin lowered behind him?

3 . At Glastonbury, which Hollywood actor was brought on stage to join Chris Martin of Coldplay?

4 . The Scotland team are all home now to watch the rest of the Euros on the telly. How many times has Scotland played in the last-8 teams of a major tournament? (World Cup or European Champ’s) (More Euros questions)

5 . Which pop star is currently back on tour with the “Summer Carnival 2024” tour?

6 . At Glastonbury, who introduced Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim) onto the stage for a rendition of their former band’s biggest hit Happy Hour?

7 . What is the sponsored name of Österreichring, the race track for the Austrian F1 Grand Prix?

8 . The 2024 Tour de France started with a hilly stage in which country?

9 . Wimbledon 2024 is underway. Which animal is depicted on the Wimbledon tennis balls? More Wimbledon questions.

10 . Tie Break Question: A Japanese gardener has broken the Guinness World Record for the clover with the most leaves. His clover beat the previous record of 7 leaves. How many did it have?

ANSWERS: Quiz Of The Week (Ending 2nd July 2024)

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