Quiz of the Week

Quiz Of The Week (Ending 28th May 2024)

This week we cover “National Service“, “The FA Cup Final“, “The French Open” and more…

Week Ending 28th May 2024.

  1. Which famous sports stadium in the suburbs of Paris is named after a famous French aviation pioneer and fighter pilot?
  2. Which coffee-brewing method is the title of Sabrina Carpenter’s UK number 1 song?
  3. Coldplay, Chase & Status, Vampire Weekend, and Raye were headline acts at which music festival held from the 24 to 26 May 2024 at Luton?
  4. Which singer was held up at customs at Schiphol Airport on 25th May 2024, therefore had to cancel a concert at Manchester?
  5. What kind of cheese is rolled down Cooper’s Hill every year, with competitors racing after it and causing injury to themselves?
  6. Which footballer, born in Spain, who plays for the Argentina national team, scored the opener for Manchester United in the 2024 FA Cup Final?
  7. The Conservative Party have announced their intention to reintroduce National Service. When was the last National Service “Conscription” ended?
  8. The “rarest album in the world” is to go on display in Australia. Only a single copy exists. Who recorded it?
  9. Ahead of the Euros football tournament, who has signed a deal to be a global ambassador for AliExpress?
  10. Richard M. Sherman died this week aged 95. He is best remembered for writing songs for which 1964 film?

ANSWERS: Quiz Of The Week (Ending 28th May 2024)

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