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Quiz Number #548

Round 1


2. Which of these former athletes has the least amount of Olympic Gold medals? Steve Redgrave (5)< | Chris Hoy (6) | Jason Kenny (7) | Usain Bolt (8)
Steve Redgrave

3. Scotland will play Germany in the Euro 24 opening game at Allianz Arena. Which city is this?

4. The National Health Service (NHS) was formed in which decade?
1948 (40’s)

5. Joe Biden is the leader of a political party that has what animal as a symbol?
Donkey (Ass)

6. Colt Seavers is the main character in which 2024 film and 80’s TV show?
The Fall Guy

7. What was the first name of Gucci, the fashion designer who founded the brand?

8. Saronno is a place in Italy most famous for it’s  apricot kernel biscuits and more famous for which liqueur?

9. During World War 1, what side were Japan on? Allies < | Central Powers | Didn’t Get Involved

10. Surname link: 3 clues to 3 famous people who all share which surname: Swimmer nicknamed “Slam”, Blade Runner director & Ivanhoe author?
Scott (Duncan, Ridley, Walter)

11. If you walked from Iraq, straight to Afghanistan, you’d go through which country?

12. What is the title of 4th film in Planet of the Apes reboot franchise? (in cinemas now)
Kingdom Of The Planet of the Apes

Final Round


1. The winner when Ireland play England in the 6 Nations are awarded what MT?
Millennium Trophy

2. Which FN is the best selling DVD title of all time?
Finding Nemo

3. If a diver gets the bends, they get what DS?
Decompression Sickness

4. Lassie was a dog created by Eric Knight. What RC is the name of the breed?
Rough Collie

5. Which DH is the most northerly point of mainland Britain?
Dunnet Head

Final 5

6. Canada won the Olympic gold medal for Super-heavyweight in 1988. Who was the boxer?
Lennox Lewis

7. (Actual question from Driver Theory Test) On what type of road surface may anti-lock brakes be ineffective? Firm | Loose | Smooth | Dry

8. In the National Policing Units what does the W stand for in NWCU?
Wildlife (National Wildlife Crime Unit)

9. The €20 note is printed in which colour scheme? Blue | Red | Brown | Green

10. Hadrian’s Wall lies entirely within where? England | Scotland



Answer: Wristband

Letters: Drawn Bits

Clue: Something you’re given to wear at a waterpark.

Tie Break

How many caps (appearances) did Jurgen Klopp make / have in the German national side when he was a player?


In Scrabble, there are 4 letter tiles that are worth 3 points each. I’ll give you B, what are the other 3?