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Quiz Number #547

Round 1


2. What is the name of Taylor Swift’s tour which is estimated to turn over $2 Billion?

3. 50/50. There was a major security breach, where on 11 July 2021? Capitol Building US | Wembley Stadium <
Wembley Stadium

4. Horton the Elephant was created by who?
Dr. Seuss

5. Which actor play General Leslie Groves in a 2023 blockbuster film?
Matt Damon

6. Which AP is the name of the circuit used for the Australian F1 Grand Prix?
Albert Park

7. The female lead role of a Star Is Born was most recently played by Lady Gaga. Which 2 actresses played this role in the 70’s and 50s version of the film?
Barbra Streisand & Judy Garland

8. Which Irish tourist attraction consists of about 40,000 interlocking rocks on the coast of County Antrim?
Giant’s Causeway

9. What is the name of the parent company that own Gmail? AOL | Meta | Intel | Alphabet <

10. Which of these has the most bones? Human | Poodle
Poodle (has 321 whereas human has 206)

11. What is the 2nd most populous Spanish speaking country in the world?

12. In commonly used text abbreviation, the letters YOLO stand for what?
You Only Live Once

 Final Round

Simple Sums For Dummies2x answers. Add them up and give us the total. All we need is the total.

1. The number after King Charles’ name.
Number in line to throne of  Prince Louis? (William is 1)
3+4 = 7

2. The amount of times the word “go” features in the 1st chorus of “Let It Go” in Frozen?
The amount of songs in the original Grease Soundtrack with the word “Grease” in title? (not inc reprise)
4+2 = 6

3. Number of arc-shaped lines in the Spotify logo?
Number of different colours in the lettering logo of eBay?
3+4 = 7

4. Amount of vowels in top row of letters on qwerty keyboard?
Amount of consonants in the English alphabet?
4+21 = 25

5. Total white pieces on a chess board at start on game?
Number of red coins in game of Connect 4?
16+21 = 37

Final 5

6. Famous quotes: Which former Prime Minister announced “Go home and get a nice quiet sleep.”?
Neville Chamberlain (speech to press on return with peace deal with Hitler)

7. Farsi is a version of Persian and is the official language of which country?

8. List all 4 cities that host the major 4 Grand Slam tournaments in tennis?
London – Melbourne – Paris – New York

9. Which country allowed Julian Assange to live in their London embassy for 7 years?

10. Russia has 11 different time zones. How many time zones are there in China?





From dusk till dawn.

Tie Break
: In the 2024 Eurovision Final, the UK scored a total of 46 points. How many points did Switzerland get?


Bonus Guess The Year

Mystery Year – 1969

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is the biggest blockbuster film.

The Kray twins are both found guilty of murder.

John Lennon marries Japanese artist Yoko Ono in Gibraltar.

The 2nd second successful mission of human landing on the Moon.