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Quiz Number #446

Round 1 

1. In music production, the letters BPM stand for what?
Beats Per Minute 

2. Piazza San Marco is the main public square in which city?

3. Does a Wind Vane give you information on the strength or direction of wind?

4. History: Which 2 countries agreed to and signed what became known as the Pact of Steel?
Germany & Italy

5. Apart from Lewis Hamilton &  Max Verstappen, name the other 2 drivers who have been F1 world champions in the last 10 years?
Sebastian Vettel (2012, 2013) Nico Rosberg (2016)

6. Famous assassinations: Which of these was the youngest when the were assasinated? Archduke Franz Ferdinand (50) | Martin Luther King Jr. (39) | John F. Kennedy (46)
Martin Luther King Jr.

7. TF: Great Britain is the only country to have won a gold medal at every Summer Olympic games?
TRUE (The inaugural Games took place in 1896 in Athens, Greece)

8. TF: Leonardo da Vinci invented the clothes hanger?

9. Within the logo for becks beer, there is a picture of what? A crown | A bugle | A key
A Key

10. Barring any penalties, how many people are on the rink during a professional ice-hockey match?

Round 2 


1. The first Glastonbury Festival was held in which year? 1960 | 1970 | 1980

2. Audio clips – character from the old  Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoons?
Tasmanian Devil

3. Which retired Scottish jockey came 5th in the 2011 show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!
Willie Carson

4. Which song in the Blues Brothers do they sing “Hidey Hidey Hidey Hi”, Hodey odey odey oh, Heedey Heedey Heedey Hee?
Minnie The Moocher

5. What form of dancing has 4 basic moves which are: shuffle ball, ball change, step-heel and heel-step, and single buffalo?
Tap Dancing 


1. Pam St Clement is best known as what PB?
Pat Butcher

2. In 1664, the English took over which NA, and renamed it to New York?
New Amsterdam

3. Which KL is an attempt to define a boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space?
Kármán Line

4. La Ola became popular at the 1986 World Cup and is known as what MW?
Mexican Wave

5. Which CW were a series of 20th-century confrontations between the UK & Iceland over fishing?
Cod Wars 

Final Round 

1. In Texas Hold’em Poker, sort these into the order that they occur. River | Turn | Flop
Flop – Turn – River

2. Conditions of dry air & a temperature of 0 °C (32 °F), 331.29 metres (1,086.9 feet) per second is considered to be the modern value of what?
Speed Of Sound

3. What would you expect to find in a nide? Pheasants | Presents | Peasants

4. Inferno and Origin are novels by which American author?
Dan Brown

5. Which word can be any of several large, ferocious sea creatures or a fictional humanoid monster in J. R. R. Tolkien books?

6. Saltwater or freshwater crocodiles. Which of them is larger and have a broader and thicker snout?

7. Which sport is also known as whiff-whaff and is a modern form of the old gossima?
Table Tennis

8. Entomology is a branch of science that studies what? microscopic organisms | How rocks deform | Insects


Tie break:  

The current holder of the Outright World Land Speed Record is ThrustSSC driven by Andy Green in 1997. What speed did he achieve (mph)? 

763.035 mph 




Discourages any birds hanging about.