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Quiz Number #169


Prior to a 1987 change in law, owners of K9 pets were required to have which DL? Dog licence “The Leftorium” is a shop on TV owned by which NF? Ned Flanders “When I called you last night from Glasgow” is a line from which ST? Super Trouper Which SC is the highest judiciary system (Eng & Wales)? Supreme Court A farrier fits which HS for a living? Horse Shoes


The Great Gatsby Full Metal Jacket The Queen Saving Private Ryan Sherlock Holmes


Shaun Maloney Novak Djokovic Tore André Flo Petr Cech Mark Hateley


Kelly Rowland Leonard Nimoy Dan Brown Eddie Izzard Gene Wilder

Famous Dogs

Pluto Muttley Lassie Wellard Hart to Hart (TV) – Freeway Bo (dog)

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire


In human anatomy, the hamstring is a group of tendons located where? Leg < Arm Back Neck Which one of these cities is not in Switzerland? Zurich Geneva Basel Vienna < Lily Savage was an alter ego of which TV presenter? Paul O’Grady < Graham Norton Ross Kemp Barry Humphries What does the “A” stand for in “DNA”? Acid < Accusable Animal Anti The Edinburgh Festival usually takes place during which month? January March August < October


What word specifies the north-south position of a point on the Earth’s surface? Longitude Latitude < Altitude Attitude Jessica Ennis is an athlete who comes from where? Sheffield < London Portsmouth Newcastle David Prowse is an actor famous for playing the part of which Star Wars character? Darth Vader < Chewbacca R2-D2 Luke Skywalker Jabba the Hutt What was the name of Lord Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar? Victory < Cutty Sark Mary Rose Waverley Which country hosted the 2010 Commonwealth Games? India < Australia Malaysia Canada


Detroit Red Wings are a team that compete in which sport? Ice Hockey < Baseball American Football Normal Football Which Scottish council area have we highlighted in the picture? Perth and Kinross < Stirling Fife Angus Who own the Clydesdale Bank? Nat Bank of Australia < Nat Bank of Canada Deutsche Bank Bank of America Since 2001, who has been depicted on the Bank of England £5 note? Elizabeth Fry < Florence Nightingale Jane Austen Emily Wilding Davison Which company produce Jammie Dodgers? Burton’s < Fox’s Lee’s Tunnick’s  

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