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One Liners (Music Quiz Round)

Looking for a new idea for a music round in your pub quiz? This concept is called One Liners.

Welcome to One Liners!

One acapela line from a song. Naming the song title might not be as easy as you think.

  • One-Line song snippets
  • All just one-line from a song
  • All are acapella (just the singing – no music)
  • Name the song title – not the artist!

Part 1

Answers are below the video clip, good luck.

ANSWERS to One Liners (Music Round) Part 1

Part 2

Same again but 10 songs this time. A good mixture of genres and eras for fairness.

ANSWERS to One Liners (Music Round) Part 2

Ideas For Pub Quiz Music Rounds

These clips can be used in a number of ways, either as an entire round or just a one-off question every week .

What makes one-liners so popular is that the players will recognise the songs but have to really dig deep and sing it through to get the answer.

Furthermore, as these are acapela song snippets, they are “Shazam-proof”!

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