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About this site.

I’ve been writing quizzes and presenting for quite a number of years now in the UK. There are hundreds of quiz question sites out there. Some are good but many have been created years ago and have since been neglected.

The focus of this site is not to sell question sets. I want to provide a resource site aimed at quiz masters. Those like myself that have to continually come up with fresh, new ideas.

Many will simply copy and paste questions straight from the archive. Which is fine. But the real professionals will use the archive for ideas. Ideas for subjects to craft their own, even better quiz questions.

Now please bear in mind when using the information within the archive. Some questions will require updates. I like to include topical questions. I have simply uploaded the raw text data from my own archive. So if the question mentions “next year’s Olympic Games in London”, obviously the question is out of date. But use the subject and create a question on that.

Likewise, if there is a question that talks about David Cameron, the Prime Minister, you don’t have to comment that the question is out of date. I am freely sharing approx 15,000 quiz questions from the last 10 years or so. Use them as subject ideas. If you do just copy and paste, be sure and cross check the “Celebrity – Dead or Alive” rounds to make sure they’re up to date.

I’ll use the Blog section of the site to list ideas for quiz rounds, bonus games and provide free to use non-copyrighted branding images for social media.

I hope you find this site useful and welcome comments. Barry